Thursday, January 21, 2010


Havoc Assumed, Injuries Tally Insurmountably
Hence Another Injustice Turned Inside
Mothers, daughters, sons, Fathers all praying...
While watching love ones die.
I see the disaster from miles away
I'm untouched, but still I cry...

For Haiti.

Hungry, Angry, Ill-treated, Thirsty, Impoverished
Humanity Assimilated the Irksome Task Internationally
Ardously to mend the cracked earth, to heal the wounded,
to bury the dead,to distribute medical supplies, water,
and ensure hungry are fed.

GOD, please help Haiti.

So easy to ignore
When it's not happening to you.
But, how can you not be affected...
When all you have to do... is turn on the news.

Look at Haiti.

Bleeding and crying
Starving and dying
Homes destroyed
U.S Troops deployed
Dead bodies laying everywhere

How could you not care?

Just imagine if it was here
And not way over there.

Your home destroyed.
Your loved ones gone.
The necessities that you need to live...
On someone else, you had to rely on.

Would it be different if it were Your country
and not some distant place?

Where, when you walked outside,
the smell of dead, rotting flesh, in Your mouth,
left its taste.

Where, You are the one walking around
searching for Your lost son or daughter.
Not knowing where Your next drink is going to come from
because of contaminated water.

Think that there's not much You can do?
I say, do the best that You can.
Can't help monetarily?

Drop to Your knees, bow your head, and fold Your hands.


Pray for Haiti.

I Am.


Monday, January 18, 2010


Rubies drip.
So precious, like diamonds & coal.
Streams & rivers of heat
Glistening, shining, burning from the soul
Emitting flames into the sky
Like burning black gold.

Taken for granted by many.
So desperately needed by few
Pierced, mined for, sought after
Oceans of souls nectar.
Wading through the water with a pan
Hoping for a match, the perfect nugget for two.

Easily transfused.
Diluted and polluted.

Our precious resource depleted.

Earths' blood.