Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Let's Just See Where This Goes...

It was back in December,
Could've been November,
either way it goes
it was in the dead of winter.

We were out in the back, close to the barn.
Me shoveling snow
And you playing with your imaginary friend Tom

I had done cleared a pathway
And started bailing the hay
Y'all were playing in the mud,
what you thought was mud,
Supposedly baking a cake.

Remember that day?

I had to clean you up,
you were smelling like pure pig shit.
I told you that wasn't mud,
But you wouldn't listen,
And you knew Ma would have a fit.

So, I sprayed you with the hose,
snuck you in the house and changed your clothes.
Actin' like nothin' ever happen while steadily hearin' you yappin'
about how I forgot to clean Tom's toes.
So, I told you Tom had on shoes.

'Member that?

'Member, how when Pa came home
He was all upset and mad
Talkin' about how them city folk done moved into town
And was stealin' the little bit of business he had.

'Member that same night, he found out that a pig got loose
and it was killed by some wild animal
And you said you had nuttin' to do wit' it, but we know the truth.
Since you and dem my 'sponsibility, I got the blame for that
And I got your whoppin' too.

I was mad at you for a long time for that
Pa never let me live that down, said I wasn't 'sponsible 'bout nuttin'
Even wouldn't talk to me for awhile.
If you recognize, after that, he started calling you his favorite child.

But now, as I look back.
I'd do it all again,
cus' you my lil sis and I love you
You brought me a hell lot headaches and butt pains,
followin' me everywhere, you da ball and I da chain.
But if it meant,not being back at this old barn,
standing in the place where you played,
I'd do it all again,but this time, some changes gon’ be made,
Me, You, and Tom gon' play.
I ain’t shoveling no snow or bailin’ no hay.
But I guess now since you dead
and we spread your ashes in the wind,
I just gotta settle for you…
being my imaginary friend.
Miss ya baby girl.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Better Half

I thank GOD that HE was able to see,
as I was naming each animal that had a mate after its own kind,
that I was lonely and wanted a mate for me.

It was that glorious day
that the LORD laid me down and put me into a deep sleep,
took my rib and from it,
fashioned a woman whom would make me complete.

You see, I am Adam and she is Eve.
I was told to love her, and she told to love me.
And we were to make love to one another and multiply my seed,
Teach them the love of the LORD and guide them in worshipping.

That was such a wonderful day.
The LORD blessed me beyond my wildest dreams.
He made me King of the Garden of Eden
And provided my with the most beautiful Queen.

The LORD, her, and my family, to me, mean everything.
Thank you, LORD, for blessing me and changing my life
by molding my love in your hands and creating the perfect wife.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

This is only the beginning!

Breathing life into verse
Heartbeat into lines
Soul on paper...enlightening minds.

Escaping the realm of the ordinary
Breaking away from the bonds that confine
Expressing the innermost of my being.

This is only the beginning...
Witness how my pen grinds.

Lost in the love of the word
Not only the poetical, but the biblical, & then...
expressing the inner message heard by relaying it on lines
We are poets and these are the ties that bind.

This is only the beginning.

Let the passion ensue
Let our lyrical love be made
Let our soulful pen stride
As we glide to another page

You see, it's our time to enhance the mind of the world
And prove it's time for change.

This is only the beginning
Barak Obama set the stage.

we can show it not only in our rhymes,
but in our lives
Living a poetical uprising
And yes,
This time... the revolution will be publicized!

This is...only the beginning!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

When there is no more that I can do...

I rest in knowing that GOD is in control.
Especially when I've done all that my feeble mind can fathom.
Tried all that I could to succeed,
Try to keep those that don't want me to have them,
I rest in knowing what I believe...

GOD is in control of the outcome.

I do find myself truly hurting.
Giving all that I got, placing myself in danger, and sacraficing all that I can.
And none of it is working.
Then I misplace my pain with anger, being disrespected, treated like half of a man.
Yet, I stand.

GOD is in control.

I know that GOD knows my heart and sees what I do.
But in a hard time like this...
I pray he helps pull me through.

GOD IS in control

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

To my wife,

I never wanted to be a man with his head in the sand,
oblivious to his surroundings, with no clue of what’s going on.
Taking for granted all that he has…
Not knowing if in the next steps…

Would have himself and his love on separate paths.

Looking back in the past, I can’t even laugh, it makes me sad.
The choices I made, the things I’ve done…
Not only did I hurt myself, I hurt my special ones.
And from all of those choices, I can’t even take back one.
I ended up losing you and that’s when the change begun.

GOD began to work on me. I’m not saying that HE’S through.
But the seed of change was planted in me…
And as time went on, the seed grew.
Never would I have imagined, at that time, I would end up back with you.
But when I did, I knew exactly what to do… Again, I married you.

This time, I wanted no regrets.
I envisioned a life of love, hanging in there in the good times and through the bad mess.
Being faithful when it would be easy to cheat,
Closing my mouth, opening my ears, and actually listening to you when you speak.
I understand that you are not less than, you are my equal, my true help meet.

Back then was just a passage,
Like the secondhand of a clock.
Something we went through, but continued to move.
Not anything that we were stuck in, because life doesn’t stop.
I’m stronger than what I was then,
Now, I won’t run when things get hot.
I’m in it for the long haul and I’m going to give it all I got.

Now, our job is to keep our eyes & mind focused on the journey ahead.
Learn from all that we’ve been through & concentrate on the life we’re living…
Not the past we’ve had that’s dead.
It’s understandable to be cautious,
Because of the mistakes that were made.
Just don’t be so fixated on the past that you fail to see that I’ve changed.

I don’t want to be the man that I was. I’m better than that. I’m the man that GOD made.
And you are the woman that HE’S placed in my life.
I know that you are going to treat me good.
I know that I’m going to treat you right.
I know that I’m blessed, especially with this second chance…
That’s why I thank GOD everyday that you’re my wife...
And I'll do anything for you.

Your Husband ~Flowriter

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Have you missed me?

The way that my words travel on lines.
The mysterious ways that my message is conveyed in rhymes.

Just like the way my lips gently kiss...
And holding in my tongue that loves to lick.

Tell me, baby, have you missed me?

How about the rumble of my voice...
Sweetly whispering in your ear?

Portraying vivid pictures of love,
That can only be seen with my pen.
But, once the words are said, pleasure appears.
Taking you to a galaxy of bliss.
Erasing your worries, gently stroking your fears, &
enhancing your senses with my tongue tricks... and lyrical licks.
Not to mention, the way that my pen flips.
Ooh...and they way you catch every drip...
I miss you!

Tell me, baby, have you missed me?

I know that it hasn't been the same since I haven't been inside ya.
But, baby I'm back...on track, pen in hand, your poet...Flowriter.

Ready to take my time.
Make love with every loop, bend, and twist.
You know how my pen likes to grind.
And baby, know this, you've been missed.
And I promise...
I'll never again stay away like this.

I know, don't say it... I've been missed.

Kiss. Kiss.


Saturday, December 13, 2008


Hidden journey, destiny unknown, and yet I travel.
Many paths to take.
Many deviations to adhere to and many consequences to bare.
Which is the right one?
What happens if I just stop and wait?
Will someone come along and tell me the direction to take?
Help me not make mistake after mistake.

Prayer. I pray for direction, a conception of the plan so that I can adhere.
Yet, I wonder...lost, waiting, wanting.
Thankful I am that GOD knows my heart
For I know like all things, this too will end, but as far as HIS plan...
Where does it begin? I've been lost from the start.

I've learned many things.
I've experienced many feelings.
I've been through a plethora of episodes.
I've had many illness' and been healed from them too.
I've been broken only to await to become fixed.
Oh, I've been journeying...
But, I'm still the same old lost Chris.

The thought still remains that one day things will change.
Away from me will go the lost... ness and pain.
And I will become sure of my destination,
Sure of my steps. Sure of my breath. Sure that the path that I'm on is correct.
But, oh Lord, until then....I watch my steps.
I guess that is my lack of faith.
There must be a purpose of my birth.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I Submit

I Submit
Through all the hard-times that I have been through
My faith has never been shaken.
For I know, although I may sin,
I'm forgiven
Never forsaken.

My life has been engraved in the palm of GOD
And by the blood of Jesus...I'm a new creation.
One that is cherished, that HE hold precious.

HE directs my life,
blessed my marriage,
and all I have to do is have faith in HIM
and uphold his commandments.

Therefore, HE is my center,
my spiritual mentor,
my guide through...
For I know HE has a righteous path that HE plans for me to venture.

So, although times may get hard,
I will never quit.
I give all the praise and glory to GOD.

I submit.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

What A Great Day!

Peering through the hour glass of my life, I’ve seen so much, and have so much yet to see. But, witnessing the election of the first black president is the peak of it all. Barak Obama on Nov. 4, 2008 became the United States of America’s 44th president. Never would I have believed that in my lifetime that I would’ve been able to witness such an event.
Seeing him and his family (wife and two daughters) on stage together united brought a warmth to my heart that I just can’t explain. Knowing that they are to become the first family of the USA, the first African-American family to live in the Whitehouse, and will be representatives of this now what I call great country. This truly was a historical moment.
Knowing our history in this country, from slavery to now presidency, is truly remarkable. There is a new hope in the air, a belief that anything can be attained and achieved. I know that a lot of work still needs to be done, especially in the uplifting of the people, but this is a wonderful start.
He based he campaign on the slogan, “Change”, and that is exactly what this country has received. His acceptance speech was not only moving but it united people. He stood on that stage not a Black president, but a leader. Not a leader of Black people, but a leader of the people. He gave meaning to the “United” in the United States of America. For the first time in my life I am proud to be an American. I began to believe that this country can become great. Great not only for the elite, but great for all Americans at all stages of life. Tears welled up in my eyes and joy filled my heart. Malcolm’s message and Martin’s dream have been realized on this glorious day.
I couldn’t call enough people. I couldn’t yell loud enough. I couldn’t stomp my feet hard enough. Oh my GOD, we have a Black President! A Black first lady! A man of color is in charge of the United States of America! What a historical moment in history this is. Hope is alive and change is here! Change has come to America!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Simply L.O.V.E

Look Onto Victory Everyday.
Learn Others Value in Everyway.
Live Obediently, Vouch Eagerly.
Listen Openly & Valantly to Everyone.
Love Oneanother & Value Eachone.
Lend Openly & Volunteer Ethically.
Love the Omnipotent one Veraciously Especially.
Simply Love.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I will endure

I've been accused, blamed, and called out of my name.
Treated worst than an enemy like I'm some type of problem or pain.
Second guessed on every move I make.
Not to mention, ignored as if I have nothing valuable to say
Talked down to, belittled, like this marriage is thought of as a mistake.
I cautiously use the word hate.
Hated. All this by my mate.
But I will not return what is being done to me.
I will not play the games that others are playing.
I will not repeat the words others are saying.
I will continue to love like CHRIST loves me.
And when CHRIST feels that I've had enough...
HE'll set me free or teach them to love me.
So, I will do all I do with gladness and praise for HIS name.
I ask HIM for strength, endurance, patience, and the ability to maintain.
And even though times are hard and rough.
I know that HE will see me through and guide me through this pain.
For I am only being tested and HE's making me T.O.U.G.H
Preparing me for blessings that will fall down like rain.
If I don't trust & know anything...
I trust & love the LORD.
HE is a keeper of HIS word...
and promises me not to give me more than I can endure.
So, in Jesus Christ name, I will endure.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The answer to my daughter who asked how have I been

Here's a little something for you and to let you know how I've been at the same time....

I've watched the moon set and seen the casting of a new day.
I've been seeing this action occur over and over again...
and in the same way.

Never to take the loneliness that I feel in my heart.
Never to relieve the emptiness that I feel in my mind.
Never to take away the contempt that I have.
Only to constantly reoccur and I can't rewind time.

Knowing this, I try to make the best of Sun and Moon that I see.
But it's the yesterdays, not the tomorrows, that continue to trouble me.
It's my essence that has been split into three...
But I'm still alone and alone there's only me.

Told to have faith, so faith is what I have.
Wishing to be back together, but it's that wishing that drives me mad.
For that yesterday is not tomorrow...
And the loneliness of tomorrow is what makes me sad.

Wanting a fortune to befall upon me.
That way my love could reach all the way to tomorrow...
reunite my essence... And set my soul free...
and let my love be felt wherever my essence is...All the way to eternity.

I've lost my rib, my soul is incomplete, it's been joined to another...
And my essence barely knows, if even recognizes me.
Yet time it continues and doesn't seem to slow.
My pen, I befriend, and my soul...I let it flow.

Another Sun and Moon, I guess that I will be blessed to see.
If not, or if so, it doesn't matter when you are alone.
When I can't say D.C.Y, S.E.Y L.A.D.Y come give me a hug...
Daddy's home.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Capturing Butterflies

Early in the morning, I'd hardly seen any.
But as the sun would rise & warm the earth...
Fluttering & beautifully decorated, I'd see plenty.

Carousing with eachother.
Moving from flower to flower.
Dancing in the sky like lovers.
I'd watch them for hours.

They were so beautiful.

So, I decided to capture one of my own.
I imagined it with me,
beautifully decorated fluttering in my home.

I pictured it happy & content.
I even envisioned how our days would be spent.
I couldn't wait anylonger,
outside I went.
I had nothing to catch it...
Just my love & my hand.
So, out there in the middle of the summer day
Among all the butterflies, I stood, waiting for one to land.

Finally, one did.
I cupped my hands together.
I could feel it alive inside.
I ran into the house,
prepared to love my new butterfly.

Once in the house,
with the doors & windows shut.
I opened my hands,
then threw the butterfly up.

I noticed on my hands a powder of sort...&
The butterfly seemed to be struggling.
The way it flapped its wings & body began to contort.

Before long, it laid on its side on the floor.
I knew it was dead.
I took it outside.
I no longer dream of capturing butterflies... anymore.

I just bought some flowers.
And in the middle of the day...
I open the door.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Am I Black?

They Say:

The way that I walk
The way that I talk
The way that my pen glides
The way that I get pulled over...DWB when I drive. (driving while black)
To the pen that is in my hat
To the clothes that's on my back.

I'm Black.

They say:

From the music I choose...classical, jazz, blues
To the proper diction use
To the type of job that I have
To the way that I decorate my pad
To the lack of tennis shoes that I have

That I'm trying to be White.

I say:

I'm not the color of the night
Or like the tar in the streets
I don't fit in any crayon box
I don't get emotional when I see any flag
I'm a man of many questions
And this is one of the questions that I have;
Am I AMerIcan?
Naw, I'm none of that.
I'm a child of GOD
Blessed with brown sun kissed skin
And a gift of poetically giving back.

I'm more than Black!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

The battle is not ours

I stand... a top a hill.
Conquerer of many battles.
Worn, weary... I've fallen to a knee.

I gaze out... seeing the journey ahead.
O' woe unto me.
My bones ache. My strength is fleeting.
All I can do is bow my head.

I feel the beating of my broken heart quicken;
For, panic is beginning to set in.
I hear the thunderous steps of approaching enemies,
Those of flesh & those that are spirtual...
Both wanting to devour me mortally & overrun me with sin.

My armour is heavy.
My sword, I cannot lift.
My breastplate, I remove, so that death can be swift.
The only words I can utter from my lips is...

At that moment, I saw a vision in my mind.
I was victorious.
I overcame.
My strength renewed, my hope regained.
An overwhelming feeling that everything will be fine.
Something inside of me changed & renewed my mind.

It was GOD.

Touching my spirit.
Feeding my soul.
Telling me press on, this is only a bump in the road.
Giving me a glimpse of my future.
Showing me that I am HIS child, who HE holds more precious than gold.

I raise my head... eyes to the sky.
I say, "thank you my LORD & I love you".
Standing to my feet, looking out into the world.
I put on my armour, it's light.
I lift my sword, prepared to fight.
Put on my breast plate of righteousness, supplied by CHRIST.
I run into the battlefield for I know...
GOD is in control of my life.
The world or this flesh, I give no control.
I give my all to and for CHRIST.
For HE is my redeemer & nourishment for my soul...
And to HIM I owe my life.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just a bird with flow

Free Love On Words.
First Lines Open Wounds.
Fathom... Love Over War.
Father Left, Other Woman.
Fey Life, Ordinary Wants.
Feathers... Love On Wind.
Future Locked Onto Weeping.
Feeling Leftout Of the World.

I'm just a bird with flow...

No wings, just ink that lets my soul go.
Soaring to new heights,
Experiencing new lows.
Gliding from one page to another.
Searching for another like me.
But being cautious out in the mist.
Because my flow reversed.
Expresses the WOLF in me.

Waiting On Lonely Females.
Wishing On love Faithfully.
Wanting Only Luscious forgiveness.
While Only Lying Fruitfully.
Woes Ontop Of Life's Flow.

But, I'm just a jail bird,
What do I know?

I know G.I.R.L
I know B.O.L.D
I know T.O.U.G.H
I know G.A.M.E

You see,
GOD Is Real Love &
GOD's Action Magnifies Everything
the Blood Of the Lamb Delivers,
that I definately know, because...
I was...
Tested. Overcame. Unquestionably GOD's Helping...
me with this flow.
So regardless of my situation,
I know GOD is in control...
even over jailbirds with flow.


(The acronyms that you see are the t-shirts that I sell, and yes it is copywritten)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I know the truth

I've seen so much these last few days.
Sadly to say, I've been through so much more.
And through it all, I find myself running and running towards Jesus to help me out.
It would seem like no matter what I do, the world has a curve ball to throw.
My enemies are not only out in the world, but tend to be those closest to me.
I know that I don't have the strength to overcome them myself,
that's why I've noticed that going through this is bringing me closer and closer to GOD.
For that I'm thankful.
You see the world criticizes, puts me down, and always looks for faults.
But, GOD encourages, lifts me up, and always looks for opportunities to use me.
I'm striving to hear, "Well done, my good and faithful servant".
Even if that means that the world hates me.
Even if the world leaves me alone and lonely.
I know that GOD loves me and will never leave me.
For that, I'm blessed.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fellow Christians

Words of wisdom need not to sound odd.
In our lives, first and foremost, we place GOD.
We need not to worry about the days to come
Or whats going to happen next.
For He is our Heavenly Father,
We are his children, a spiritually ordained family,
Bound to be heavenly blessed.
Many are told this,
But the chosen are few.
All can be saved, but those that refuse
Instead of an everlasting spiritual joy,
Their mentality is to focus on physical.
Its this earthly realm that they choose.
This is not the connection that us Christians should make.
We are to seek a true relationship,
Filled with real affection,
And the kind of intimacy that only our Creator could create,
One that'll never perish, a holy sacrament, like that of marriage.
For all of our needs, we know shall be met.
Therefore, we walk in peace
And bask in the love of our Heavenly Father,
That should be the derivative of our happiness.
We should emit an emotional, physical, mental
Glow of happiness that the lost desire to get.
For we are children of the Living GOD
So, brothers & Sisters act accordingly & dont forget...
Whose we are.


Only the pen understands.

I was told... seek and you shall find.
Ask and you shall receive.
But see, I'm mentally blind and I do have hope, but it's hard to believe.
That this is only a temporary problem
And the pain that it causes, makes my soul bleed.
I know in the end, I'm going to have to make a stand, be a man.
I want and physical A love that's unbelievable...without any games,
but that...

Only the pen understands.

So as I bleed my soul from pen to page
Battle the onslaught of troubles and try to control my rage.
I just submit my will unto GOD and regardless of the outcome, give HIM all the praise.
Because, at least this much I know...
I'm only going through
And there will be brighter days
Not only that, long ago...
I placed my life in HIS hands
And that, like this...
Only the pen understands.


Press On Through (POT). "Do p.o.t, don't smoke pot!"

For This
I've seen passion turn into pain...
Sadness into joy...
Life into death...
Only for the same lesson to remain;
Don't ever give up or settle for less.
I was told by a wise woman, "p.u.s.h, and you'll pass the test"
Meaning, Pray Until Something Happens
Have faith and watch how you become blessed.
But yet,
The struggles that life can manifest...
Can test the tolerance of any man, even at his best.
And it's easy to doubt, look around, and to think...
I've been through all that...
For this?
And the answer remains...Y-E-S, yes.
Just know that the LORD isn't done with you yet,
and HE has plans, goals, and a purpose...
For all of this.
Have a little faith.


MARK 11:22-24
"Have faith in GOD," Jesus answered. I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have recieved it, and it will be yours.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dear GOD,

Forgive me LORD for all of the sins that I commit,
All the messages from you that I've ignored,
And all the paths that I've bent.
Straying from your love and wisdom,
Praying for prosperity...
only to be foolishly spent.

LORD, I repent.

Forgive me for not forgiving others.
Forgive me for diluting your temple...
by spreading my essence to many lovers.
Forgive me for the words of my mouth...
Not spreading your love and your word, but...
for spreading lies, mishaps, chaos, and doubts.
Forgive me for not being closer to you and always thinking about me.
Forgive me for rebelling against you and not being the man you made me to be.
Forgive me for not respecting your temple...Tattoo's, cigars, and liquor.
It's no wonder I'm not free.
Forgive me for judging others.
When I know it's YOUR job to judge them and me.

LORD, I repent.

I pray for YOUR strength, wisdom, and guidance to help me along my way.
I know that you have never left my side.
Therefore, I pray that you keep me and don't let me stray.
I pray that you guide me in finding, attending a good church home.
I pray for all of those in the mist of the storm, seeking shelter, and help...
May they find and abide in you in the mist and in the calm.
And LORD, concerning all the soldiers at war,
May YOU protect them from any hurt, danger, and harm.
I pray for our leaders, teachers, and government officials.
I pray for our police, firemen, doctors, prisioners, and all lost individuals.
I pray that we all find YOU.
And that's all I have to say.

In YOUR SON's holy and righteous name, JESUS...
I believe in and pray,

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I've had a BREAKTHROUGH!!!!

It has come upon my spirit that I must lose myself in order to find myself. I must lose myself in my wife to truly enjoy, know, and have my wife. I must do what may feel uncomfortable to be truly blessed, because that is where GOD is comfortable. I must let go of wanting to be in control and know GOD is in control and to follow HIS lead. I must humble myself, so that HE can lift me up. I must trust GOD in every aspect of my life.
These may be things that seem obvious to many. But, I have pride that stands in my way. I have selfishness and self centeredness inside of me that stands in my way. But, today...I've got a breakthrough! I release it all in the name of Jesus! I submit to the will and desires of GOD! I know that GOD loves me and has my best interest at heart. You see, for's time to get serious, and I'm serious about my love of the LORD. So, LORD have your way with me. I now know who I am... I'm a child of GOD!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Know that it all is just a test!

At this point in my life, I find myself going through financial hardships. It's easy to get lost in the things that you don't have and lose sight of the things that you do have. So, I've learned that instead of complaining about my current situation... to be thankful and a better steward of the things that I do have. Not to worry about the things that I don't. Earthly complaining makes a way for the adversary to move into my life. I know that he has only one objective... to kill, steal, and destroy all that GOD has planned for me. So, I rejoice in my hardships. I will find joy in my pain. Because, I know that I'm only going through, and not stuck in. The Lord is preparing my mind body and soul for new beginnings. And I'm ready to begin! Remember Hebrews 13. GOD will never leave my side and will always pull me through. This is only a test.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


As we live…
Uplift the soul…
That’s wept and bore the pain…
Of being lost & sold… in a land of wealth.
Entangled in a world of doubt & No knowledge of self.

Captivate your spirit…
Being blessed with the essence…
Of the Supreme Lord’s presence…
And allow his love within.
Submitting unto his will & Having total faith… Is a good place to begin.

Empower the weak…
Utilize the psyche of your mind… A gift from the divine.
To awake them from their sleep.
Pass, nor judge not one.
For the Earth shall be inherited by the humble & meek.

Let not curiosity…
Have you coated with the dirt of the world.
It’s not an enigma.
Man for Woman, a gentleman and treat her like a lady.
But, it’s okay for boys to play with girls.
Understand the method of producing babies.

For the Alternative & unconventional…
They should tremble, For they shall be parted like the sea.
Mesmerize your eyes on the prize…
For honor shall be bestowed on those who live righteously.

Make Me Yours

May your hands be great in size & deep as a cup. So, that I may pour into them my burdens, sorrows, & sadness… Until I fill them up. Take away my troubles and transform me like water into wine. Abolish my loneliness, be a constant companion by my side. Be my light throughout life and my guide for all time. Place structure into my being & peace into my mind. At my time of emptiness, let Your embrace take hold. At my time of weakness, let Your strength empower my soul. When I begin to wander, take me back to my path. Assist me to your goal. I guess what I’m saying is… Lord, don’t leave me alone. Don’t leave me alone. Guide me down this road, lead me to Your throne. Make room for me in Your palace. So, that I may call it home. For, alone I roam through this journey called life. Expectations, there are many… Yet, sinful deeds seem to be all that’s in my plight. Open my third eye and righteously correct my sight. Take away my will and replace it with the mind of Christ. Install ambition into my spirit as You take control of my life. Take away my breath and let enter Yours. Guide my spirit to the keys of locked doors. In my time of temptation, may You inspire me to keep my essence pure. I guess what I’m saying is… Lord, make me Yours. Make me Yours. Amen.


Thoughts That taken Theory.
Thoroughly Thinking…
This Threshold of Thick & Thin...
Is Thrown into The wind.
Thankful Then… That Those Theories Tactfully end.
Being the Theist I am…
Therefore allow The Theocracy to begin.
For, it is difficult when…
Thin-skinned & Thickheaded… To Theorize This.
Which is my Theorem.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just let your flow go....

Sing it like you mean it. Say it like you heard it. However you create it, just let your flow go.
I would see people do it on corners...when I was young.
I would see some stand on a stage and perform it to beats or snaps to claps,
But it was all good, because I liked the way that they got it done.
For me that was only the beginning. Round one.
Then I heard some brother, like no other, speaking words that seemed to roll off of his tongue.
Rhythmic words, rhyming words, not like that of a rap, but it was more like a heart pit' a soul tap. Man, his style of speaking had me sprung. His words were alive and of the stories he told, I could see...vivid imagination took flight. Then I understood, it was his words coming to life inside of me. I had to learn it for myself and create my own style of which I could be true. Started with childish rhymes...that was round two. Moved to simple raps, that was round three, tried the freestyle, but it just wasn't for me. But, when I picked up the pen...found me a pad...we can just skip all the way to ten, because I fell in love with what I found and knew what I had. It was my flow. It was my style. It was my poetry. Now, I'm a flowriter gone wild.
Come and go wild with me and let your flow go.