Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's A Journey

Written by Flowriter to be spoken by Diedre "147" Wiggins.
I've been permed, pressed, hot combed, twisted, mangled, tangled,
braided, added to, taken from,
washed, cut, styled, curled, relaxed,
and teased for fun.
Hmmmm... anything but being natural me.
So, natural I've become.

It's a journey.

I've given my all to others... loving them more than I loved me.
Took all the ridicule, abuse, and, independent of my better judgment, bore their seed.
Supplied them with their wants and desires, while neglecting my needs.
Would you believe... they took me for granted & I just couldn't stand it.
I became dreaded... naturally.

Journey with me...

I removed myself from the stink.
Devoted to my children and hopeful for the future.
I began to love myself and embrace my natural and inner kink.
On a regular regiment, I take myself to the gym, for me...not them.
Loving myself, becoming the best me I can be,
and not to appease or please any "him".
You see, I began and I am... losing weight.
Weight that used to bare me down.
The weight of trying to please and keep a man that wasn't sincere and didn't want to be around.
You see, I've shed more than just pounds.
I became a wife to my life and the love of my creator is the husband I found.

It's been a journey.

But, I'm not done.
When I first started I could barely walk.
Now, I day I'm going to run.

I'm loving my locks...
from the roots to the tips.
I'm comfortable in my skin...
from my shoulders, arms, breast, and hips.

What's this? Friend request on Facebook from Chris.

I'm more independent and stronger than I've ever been.
I almost gave up on love, but I see... God has other plans.

Yeah, he lives in Atlanta.

I look forward to this journey.


Friday, November 11, 2011

My Sweet Succulent Cherry

Oh sweet succulent cherry.
From whence is the blossom from where you came?
So heavenly, your juices overwhelm my palette
Causing my emotions to that of love
and to be called by no other name.

I traveled through orchids...
tasted grapes in their youth and when ripe and full.
I've allowed their juices to ferment and became intoxicated with their essence.
And still, none have come close to you.

I've plucked the ripest of plums
And indulged to limits that far exceed full.
I've licked and sucked on their seeds
And would you believe, that in each occurrence,
They reminded me of you.

I even tried a pear, such a oddly shaped one.
It's juices was sweet and texture quite nice.
However, I was less than satisfied when the whole experience was done.
Not much of a chance of it happening twice.

Oh sweet succulent cherry...
What is the secret that you contain?
To constantly be in my heart and on my mind
And from your sweetness, I am unable to refrain.

Could it be... your curvature, your color...
oh so sweet to the finger-tips and pleasing to the eyes.

Or could it be... your wonderful sweet, but tart taste, and the way your pit,
when in my mouth, against my tongue, caresses and glides.

Or is that I can hold you and caress you by the stem...
tickle your pit... dare I not spit. Remove it from its womb and devour the rest of it.

It... being you.

Tell me, my dear sweet succulent cherry, what am I, your admirer to do?

I remember the day when we first met.
Occurrence of such, are not easy for one to forget.
Watching others indulge in you
Incited an emotion... envy perhaps... or jealousy I guess.
Seeing the joy that they displayed, I knew that was a joy I had to get.

I had to taste you for myself.
I couldn't get enough of you..
I prepared you and had you in so many ways.
You soothed me through troubling times
and comforted me on lonely days.

You became my fruit of choice,
Not any other fruit would do.

Never did I imagine there would be a shortage of you.

But, yes it's true...
And it is a great sin. Not knowing...
If I will ever engage and indulge in your sweet succulent taste again.

Oh sweet succulent cherry...
From whence is the blossom from where you came?
So heavenly, your juices overwhelmed my palette,
which caused my emotions to grow to that of love,
and not to be called by any other name.


Thursday, November 10, 2011


Lead me, guide me, & teach me your ways.
Lost in life, love, and lonely...
Bless me with your presence... give me purpose filled days.

Enable me, recreate me, and take over me.
You know me better than I know myself.
Heart-ached and broken, but not too far-gone
that your mending hands can't help.

I render it all to you...
My soul, my life, my dreams & desires,
and not to mention my hopes too.

You know my pain & how my heart is discontent.
Yet, I trust you with my entire being.
I accept my plight and however it is meant.

I pray for those who and hope for my downfall.
I rest in knowing that you are my saviour, redemer, and to whom
in good times or trouble, that I can faithfully call.

It's in Jesus Christ name this I ask and pray...

Lead me, guide me, and teach me your ways.
For I am lost in life, love, and lonely.
Bless me with your presence... give me purpose filled days.



Sunday, November 6, 2011

True Love

Captivated, bewildered, lost in a time.
Engaged in, perplexed by... thoughts in my mind.
Hopeful for and of the future.
Guided by the divine.

Spiritual in essence and in vision.
Although, naturally corrupted... moving blind.

Trusting with all my being,
preparing to love, love in its true form...
in its purity, the undying kind.


Remembering what was,
forgetting what used to be.
Thankful for past pains... pleasures... mistakes.

All the things that make me... me.

Forgiving past loves...
And also... enemies.
Most of all, forgiving myself.
And constantly thanking God for forgiving me.


Unmerited favor.
Blessings to vast to describe.
Testimony in the making.
Just a vessel He uses,
made to become a reflection of His Son,
Reflecting His light...
Drawing the lost, like moths, to come...
Experience true life.

O' what a beautiful gift it is...
to live in and for Christ.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

To All Who Are Afraid


Have you experienced life beyond dreams…
Pain beyond screams?
Beheld a plethora of emotions…
Only to realize none are as real as they seem?
Felt hot tears trailing down your face
As cold wind from crystal blue skies leaves dry salt tracks
As you reminisce of the last time you had a warm embrace.
Reoccurring thoughts plague the mind
Of the last time… you gazed into eyes that told the story of love…
Imagined in the heart, fantasized in the mind, lost in the past, and in the present, you desire to find.
Only to run it away, why… you say?
Fear of the unknown, better yet, fear of the returning of the painful decay…
Of releasing something so precious to you, not to receive anything in return…
Except for pain… pain that doesn’t go away… pain that is not physically felt,
but mentally torments you day by day.
Self sabotage? Possibly.
Guarding, protecting your heart… most likely…
Not leaving much room left for trust.
Creating a strange predicament…
Wanting love, intimacy, a true relationship…
But without trust, the only thing you establish is lust.
Meaningless sex, mentally un-perplexed… unable to affect or infect the soul.
The effect of such… endless trials of trying to fill your emotional hole.
Again, I ask…
Have you experienced life beyond dreams?
Pain beyond screams?
Once you stop trying to protect yourself and let go.
Trust GOD.
He has provided you with more than you think…
And desires to give you more than you will ever need.
All you have to do is trust Him, let Him love you, and…


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Divorce Me


I'm not ashamed to say that I've been pained.
From the trials and tribulations I've been through.
Deepest scars of all were caused by you...Q.
On you...was there a mark?
A scar?
A deep down missing place felt within your heart?
Just an empty abyss, filled with joy and bliss.
A life of freedom, gained by lies...
all this due to minus Chris.
Yes. So
I have no regrets.
I don't wish to turn back.
I leave it and you...exactly where yall at...
In the past.
No ill feelings harbored.
Nor vengeance desired.
You are what you say you are...
A Stormy Hill and I thank God for doing His will...
for quenching that fire, elevating me higher,
removing me from that situation for He knew I was tired.
I thank Him daily for what He has taken me from...
And allowed me to go through.
Only thing left is to legally not be attached to you.
You see, I not only know the truth,
but I walk in it too.
The truth of the matter is...
You had long since stopped loving me...
And I was too blind to stop loving you.
Now, you are almost be all that you can be.
Only thing in the way... a signature.
Divorce me.