Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's A Journey

Written by Flowriter to be spoken by Diedre "147" Wiggins.
I've been permed, pressed, hot combed, twisted, mangled, tangled,
braided, added to, taken from,
washed, cut, styled, curled, relaxed,
and teased for fun.
Hmmmm... anything but being natural me.
So, natural I've become.

It's a journey.

I've given my all to others... loving them more than I loved me.
Took all the ridicule, abuse, and, independent of my better judgment, bore their seed.
Supplied them with their wants and desires, while neglecting my needs.
Would you believe... they took me for granted & I just couldn't stand it.
I became dreaded... naturally.

Journey with me...

I removed myself from the stink.
Devoted to my children and hopeful for the future.
I began to love myself and embrace my natural and inner kink.
On a regular regiment, I take myself to the gym, for me...not them.
Loving myself, becoming the best me I can be,
and not to appease or please any "him".
You see, I began and I am... losing weight.
Weight that used to bare me down.
The weight of trying to please and keep a man that wasn't sincere and didn't want to be around.
You see, I've shed more than just pounds.
I became a wife to my life and the love of my creator is the husband I found.

It's been a journey.

But, I'm not done.
When I first started I could barely walk.
Now, I day I'm going to run.

I'm loving my locks...
from the roots to the tips.
I'm comfortable in my skin...
from my shoulders, arms, breast, and hips.

What's this? Friend request on Facebook from Chris.

I'm more independent and stronger than I've ever been.
I almost gave up on love, but I see... God has other plans.

Yeah, he lives in Atlanta.

I look forward to this journey.



Coincidence and Synchronicity said...

Arrived here via Blogger's 'Next Button'. You have a talent for writing, enjoyed the visit.

dogcote said...
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