Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Surrendered Life

Tis the vision of the mission
that make the struggles on hand...
palpable,  malleable...hopeful.
Even when things don't go as planned.

The pain is intense
So it's strength that is gained.
The journey continues
although the movement is done slowly...strained.

But, movement is done... pressing on.

Desires fill the dimensions of the mind.
Searching for the illusion of contentment...
that the heart fails to find.
Difficult to not rest in a world of resentment...
when the soul is plagued by bitterness
for the goals not achieved yet.

And still, I continue... full of hope.

In my mind, I can hear my soul as it cries.
My spirit puts for the effort...
daily a plethora of tries.
Closer than what I was, but still such a long way to go.
Constantly reminded of where I came from.
Deviating my attention, looking back, while I journey down the road.

Yet, somehow... it's hope that soothes my soul.

Precious melody... life, love, giving...
don't allow jealousy... to interrupt your flow.
Envy, malice, regret, vengeance...
all viruses whose intent is to infect, make you less than whole.
Let us not forget... strife...
the thief of peace in your life.
Of that, and those, learn to let go.

Basically, in the midst of it all...
Where all my dreams, desires, and aspirations lie...
Be it if I fall or soar...
live a life of fulfillment or embittered die.
I give it all to you, Lord
My surrendered life.


Friday, May 9, 2014


                       I love you.
Enough to not bend your will to mine.
To allow you to be you and still be fine.
                       I love you.

Regardless of your size or wandering eyes,
perspectives, flaws, or political ties...
Sexual orientation or secrets that you kept under the guise...
of little white lies.
                      I love you.

Even when the resentment that you contain
overwhelms your being and spews forth on me pain.
When the tone of your voice makes it clear
that I am your last, but first Never again, choice.
                      I love you.

However, it is important for you to know...
                That I love me too.

I won't infringe on your happiness, nor treat you cruel.
I won't wish ill will upon you, nor talk down to you like a fool.
I will completely accept you... for you.
                      Love you?  I do.

Enough to let you go.
Enough to let you in.
Enough to not be spiteful when a new life you begin...
without me.

See, I love you...

And the same way that I love you...

                                              I love me too.