Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Simply L.O.V.E

Look Onto Victory Everyday.
Learn Others Value in Everyway.
Live Obediently, Vouch Eagerly.
Listen Openly & Valantly to Everyone.
Love Oneanother & Value Eachone.
Lend Openly & Volunteer Ethically.
Love the Omnipotent one Veraciously Especially.
Simply Love.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I will endure

I've been accused, blamed, and called out of my name.
Treated worst than an enemy like I'm some type of problem or pain.
Second guessed on every move I make.
Not to mention, ignored as if I have nothing valuable to say
Talked down to, belittled, like this marriage is thought of as a mistake.
I cautiously use the word hate.
Hated. All this by my mate.
But I will not return what is being done to me.
I will not play the games that others are playing.
I will not repeat the words others are saying.
I will continue to love like CHRIST loves me.
And when CHRIST feels that I've had enough...
HE'll set me free or teach them to love me.
So, I will do all I do with gladness and praise for HIS name.
I ask HIM for strength, endurance, patience, and the ability to maintain.
And even though times are hard and rough.
I know that HE will see me through and guide me through this pain.
For I am only being tested and HE's making me T.O.U.G.H
Preparing me for blessings that will fall down like rain.
If I don't trust & know anything...
I trust & love the LORD.
HE is a keeper of HIS word...
and promises me not to give me more than I can endure.
So, in Jesus Christ name, I will endure.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The answer to my daughter who asked how have I been

Here's a little something for you and to let you know how I've been at the same time....

I've watched the moon set and seen the casting of a new day.
I've been seeing this action occur over and over again...
and in the same way.

Never to take the loneliness that I feel in my heart.
Never to relieve the emptiness that I feel in my mind.
Never to take away the contempt that I have.
Only to constantly reoccur and I can't rewind time.

Knowing this, I try to make the best of Sun and Moon that I see.
But it's the yesterdays, not the tomorrows, that continue to trouble me.
It's my essence that has been split into three...
But I'm still alone and alone there's only me.

Told to have faith, so faith is what I have.
Wishing to be back together, but it's that wishing that drives me mad.
For that yesterday is not tomorrow...
And the loneliness of tomorrow is what makes me sad.

Wanting a fortune to befall upon me.
That way my love could reach all the way to tomorrow...
reunite my essence... And set my soul free...
and let my love be felt wherever my essence is...All the way to eternity.

I've lost my rib, my soul is incomplete, it's been joined to another...
And my essence barely knows, if even recognizes me.
Yet time it continues and doesn't seem to slow.
My pen, I befriend, and my soul...I let it flow.

Another Sun and Moon, I guess that I will be blessed to see.
If not, or if so, it doesn't matter when you are alone.
When I can't say D.C.Y, S.E.Y L.A.D.Y come give me a hug...
Daddy's home.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Capturing Butterflies

Early in the morning, I'd hardly seen any.
But as the sun would rise & warm the earth...
Fluttering & beautifully decorated, I'd see plenty.

Carousing with eachother.
Moving from flower to flower.
Dancing in the sky like lovers.
I'd watch them for hours.

They were so beautiful.

So, I decided to capture one of my own.
I imagined it with me,
beautifully decorated fluttering in my home.

I pictured it happy & content.
I even envisioned how our days would be spent.
I couldn't wait anylonger,
outside I went.
I had nothing to catch it...
Just my love & my hand.
So, out there in the middle of the summer day
Among all the butterflies, I stood, waiting for one to land.

Finally, one did.
I cupped my hands together.
I could feel it alive inside.
I ran into the house,
prepared to love my new butterfly.

Once in the house,
with the doors & windows shut.
I opened my hands,
then threw the butterfly up.

I noticed on my hands a powder of sort...&
The butterfly seemed to be struggling.
The way it flapped its wings & body began to contort.

Before long, it laid on its side on the floor.
I knew it was dead.
I took it outside.
I no longer dream of capturing butterflies... anymore.

I just bought some flowers.
And in the middle of the day...
I open the door.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Am I Black?

They Say:

The way that I walk
The way that I talk
The way that my pen glides
The way that I get pulled over...DWB when I drive. (driving while black)
To the pen that is in my hat
To the clothes that's on my back.

I'm Black.

They say:

From the music I choose...classical, jazz, blues
To the proper diction use
To the type of job that I have
To the way that I decorate my pad
To the lack of tennis shoes that I have

That I'm trying to be White.

I say:

I'm not the color of the night
Or like the tar in the streets
I don't fit in any crayon box
I don't get emotional when I see any flag
I'm a man of many questions
And this is one of the questions that I have;
Am I AMerIcan?
Naw, I'm none of that.
I'm a child of GOD
Blessed with brown sun kissed skin
And a gift of poetically giving back.

I'm more than Black!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

The battle is not ours

I stand... a top a hill.
Conquerer of many battles.
Worn, weary... I've fallen to a knee.

I gaze out... seeing the journey ahead.
O' woe unto me.
My bones ache. My strength is fleeting.
All I can do is bow my head.

I feel the beating of my broken heart quicken;
For, panic is beginning to set in.
I hear the thunderous steps of approaching enemies,
Those of flesh & those that are spirtual...
Both wanting to devour me mortally & overrun me with sin.

My armour is heavy.
My sword, I cannot lift.
My breastplate, I remove, so that death can be swift.
The only words I can utter from my lips is...

At that moment, I saw a vision in my mind.
I was victorious.
I overcame.
My strength renewed, my hope regained.
An overwhelming feeling that everything will be fine.
Something inside of me changed & renewed my mind.

It was GOD.

Touching my spirit.
Feeding my soul.
Telling me press on, this is only a bump in the road.
Giving me a glimpse of my future.
Showing me that I am HIS child, who HE holds more precious than gold.

I raise my head... eyes to the sky.
I say, "thank you my LORD & I love you".
Standing to my feet, looking out into the world.
I put on my armour, it's light.
I lift my sword, prepared to fight.
Put on my breast plate of righteousness, supplied by CHRIST.
I run into the battlefield for I know...
GOD is in control of my life.
The world or this flesh, I give no control.
I give my all to and for CHRIST.
For HE is my redeemer & nourishment for my soul...
And to HIM I owe my life.