Saturday, October 25, 2008

The answer to my daughter who asked how have I been

Here's a little something for you and to let you know how I've been at the same time....

I've watched the moon set and seen the casting of a new day.
I've been seeing this action occur over and over again...
and in the same way.

Never to take the loneliness that I feel in my heart.
Never to relieve the emptiness that I feel in my mind.
Never to take away the contempt that I have.
Only to constantly reoccur and I can't rewind time.

Knowing this, I try to make the best of Sun and Moon that I see.
But it's the yesterdays, not the tomorrows, that continue to trouble me.
It's my essence that has been split into three...
But I'm still alone and alone there's only me.

Told to have faith, so faith is what I have.
Wishing to be back together, but it's that wishing that drives me mad.
For that yesterday is not tomorrow...
And the loneliness of tomorrow is what makes me sad.

Wanting a fortune to befall upon me.
That way my love could reach all the way to tomorrow...
reunite my essence... And set my soul free...
and let my love be felt wherever my essence is...All the way to eternity.

I've lost my rib, my soul is incomplete, it's been joined to another...
And my essence barely knows, if even recognizes me.
Yet time it continues and doesn't seem to slow.
My pen, I befriend, and my soul...I let it flow.

Another Sun and Moon, I guess that I will be blessed to see.
If not, or if so, it doesn't matter when you are alone.
When I can't say D.C.Y, S.E.Y L.A.D.Y come give me a hug...
Daddy's home.


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