Thursday, October 23, 2008

Capturing Butterflies

Early in the morning, I'd hardly seen any.
But as the sun would rise & warm the earth...
Fluttering & beautifully decorated, I'd see plenty.

Carousing with eachother.
Moving from flower to flower.
Dancing in the sky like lovers.
I'd watch them for hours.

They were so beautiful.

So, I decided to capture one of my own.
I imagined it with me,
beautifully decorated fluttering in my home.

I pictured it happy & content.
I even envisioned how our days would be spent.
I couldn't wait anylonger,
outside I went.
I had nothing to catch it...
Just my love & my hand.
So, out there in the middle of the summer day
Among all the butterflies, I stood, waiting for one to land.

Finally, one did.
I cupped my hands together.
I could feel it alive inside.
I ran into the house,
prepared to love my new butterfly.

Once in the house,
with the doors & windows shut.
I opened my hands,
then threw the butterfly up.

I noticed on my hands a powder of sort...&
The butterfly seemed to be struggling.
The way it flapped its wings & body began to contort.

Before long, it laid on its side on the floor.
I knew it was dead.
I took it outside.
I no longer dream of capturing butterflies... anymore.

I just bought some flowers.
And in the middle of the day...
I open the door.


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