Monday, October 20, 2008

Am I Black?

They Say:

The way that I walk
The way that I talk
The way that my pen glides
The way that I get pulled over...DWB when I drive. (driving while black)
To the pen that is in my hat
To the clothes that's on my back.

I'm Black.

They say:

From the music I choose...classical, jazz, blues
To the proper diction use
To the type of job that I have
To the way that I decorate my pad
To the lack of tennis shoes that I have

That I'm trying to be White.

I say:

I'm not the color of the night
Or like the tar in the streets
I don't fit in any crayon box
I don't get emotional when I see any flag
I'm a man of many questions
And this is one of the questions that I have;
Am I AMerIcan?
Naw, I'm none of that.
I'm a child of GOD
Blessed with brown sun kissed skin
And a gift of poetically giving back.

I'm more than Black!


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