Sunday, October 19, 2008

The battle is not ours

I stand... a top a hill.
Conquerer of many battles.
Worn, weary... I've fallen to a knee.

I gaze out... seeing the journey ahead.
O' woe unto me.
My bones ache. My strength is fleeting.
All I can do is bow my head.

I feel the beating of my broken heart quicken;
For, panic is beginning to set in.
I hear the thunderous steps of approaching enemies,
Those of flesh & those that are spirtual...
Both wanting to devour me mortally & overrun me with sin.

My armour is heavy.
My sword, I cannot lift.
My breastplate, I remove, so that death can be swift.
The only words I can utter from my lips is...

At that moment, I saw a vision in my mind.
I was victorious.
I overcame.
My strength renewed, my hope regained.
An overwhelming feeling that everything will be fine.
Something inside of me changed & renewed my mind.

It was GOD.

Touching my spirit.
Feeding my soul.
Telling me press on, this is only a bump in the road.
Giving me a glimpse of my future.
Showing me that I am HIS child, who HE holds more precious than gold.

I raise my head... eyes to the sky.
I say, "thank you my LORD & I love you".
Standing to my feet, looking out into the world.
I put on my armour, it's light.
I lift my sword, prepared to fight.
Put on my breast plate of righteousness, supplied by CHRIST.
I run into the battlefield for I know...
GOD is in control of my life.
The world or this flesh, I give no control.
I give my all to and for CHRIST.
For HE is my redeemer & nourishment for my soul...
And to HIM I owe my life.

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