Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just a bird with flow

Free Love On Words.
First Lines Open Wounds.
Fathom... Love Over War.
Father Left, Other Woman.
Fey Life, Ordinary Wants.
Feathers... Love On Wind.
Future Locked Onto Weeping.
Feeling Leftout Of the World.

I'm just a bird with flow...

No wings, just ink that lets my soul go.
Soaring to new heights,
Experiencing new lows.
Gliding from one page to another.
Searching for another like me.
But being cautious out in the mist.
Because my flow reversed.
Expresses the WOLF in me.

Waiting On Lonely Females.
Wishing On love Faithfully.
Wanting Only Luscious forgiveness.
While Only Lying Fruitfully.
Woes Ontop Of Life's Flow.

But, I'm just a jail bird,
What do I know?

I know G.I.R.L
I know B.O.L.D
I know T.O.U.G.H
I know G.A.M.E

You see,
GOD Is Real Love &
GOD's Action Magnifies Everything
the Blood Of the Lamb Delivers,
that I definately know, because...
I was...
Tested. Overcame. Unquestionably GOD's Helping...
me with this flow.
So regardless of my situation,
I know GOD is in control...
even over jailbirds with flow.


(The acronyms that you see are the t-shirts that I sell, and yes it is copywritten)

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