Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weatherby Plantation

It's been here for years.
Solemn existence, dilapidated walls,and unmanned fields.
House with only two patrons and cat squeals.
There Ms. Caterbury lives with her butler Bugsbee tending to her needs.
Along comes a man, Hugh, with a plan...
to restore what majesty the Weatherby Plantation once obtained,
Atleast he believed.

Ms. Caterbury not only produced, but indulged in her own sour mash.
Listening to her visitors' desires, she told him,
"why don't you go start at that old barn out back".
She had been avoided looking at him,
But as he knelt down by her side, they shared gaze.
at which time he said, "you have beautiful green eyes".
She gave him an askewed grin.
Happy to have a young man grace her presence once more.
Then, he got up and made his way outside.
Moving towards that old barn, occassionally looking back now and again.

The old barn was not only a barn,
It was an old slave quarters, shared by the slaves and horses.
Beds, made of hay for the slaves,
which at times was eaten by the horses in the stalls.
Underneath the barn, much larger than a crawlspace, was a place
where the studs and sometimes the master would produce more spawn.
By raping, taking, and breaking down a family structure
to build up workers for the field.
This is what their wealth was built on.

As Hugh went into this room,
he could see that cats had thoroughly taken over.
They didn't even run away as he got closer.
He could feel their eyes following his every move.
He became highly uncomfortable and constantly was looking over his shoulder.
Watching his every step and covering his nose from the terrible stench.
He reached down to grab what looked like a letter, possibly from a slave or a main house resident.
Only to recieve a frightening scratch from a cat.
Then, a myriad of cat cries as he tried to make his way outside, he tripped over a pair of fetters and nearly broke down the fence.
He knew that his work was cut out for him
and this would be far from quick.

"Forgive me, my good sir, a little help if you don't mind",
Mr. Bugsbee said while standing on a ladder attempting to cut away a branch
from the newly constructed telephone poles' power line.
"Not a problem. Did you know that that barn was overrun with cats?"
Hugh responded, while rubbing his hand and grimacing as he looked back.
"Oddly enough, I'm forbidden to travel in there."

Working together the pair caused a branch to crash to the ground.
Alerting Ms.Caterbury, causing her to come to the door and investigate the sound.

To be continued...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dear Lord....

Time can only tell
What the future may hold.
I've given all that I can.
So now, unto you, I heed all control.
It says in your word...
"I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect".
Yet, I've stumbled, fell, and have been less than perfect on this stroll.
Give me the strength to endure
to overcome the mistakes of my past.
The power to maintain with due diligence on this road.
And the wisdom to be thankful for what I have.

The mistakes have been mine.
Thinking that you needed my help.
However, now I realize that I can in no way do this by myself.
So, I surrender my will and all that I may think is right.
I rest in your love
And pray that you supply me with the mind of Christ.

I see now, that your way I don't fully understand,
But I trust and have faith that you... for my life, have a plan.
Therefore, I challenge you in this...
My life, my steps, and my breath...
for Your will, Your way... On Your word I stand.

I remove me, praying that the best for my life...
is Your plan.

I pray that this will not be living in vain.
I tried my way and went from bad to worst.
So, I surrender to you, that you will bless me and break this curse.