Monday, March 30, 2009

I Have to Tread Lightly

From the wrongs that I've done.
To the pains that I've caused.
Heartaches initiated as fun.
To the breaking of numerous laws.

I have to tread lightly.

At one time,
There wasn't a liquor that I wouldn't drink.
Wasn't a drug that I wouldn't do.
There wasn't a depth of level that I wouldn't sink.
And wasn't a woman alive that I wouldn't screw.

I started out on the right path,
But fell in love with the wrong avenue.

This much I learned about myself...
I'm easily influenced.
So, I have to becareful of what I watch, read, and listen to.

I have to tread lightly.

I know it's a battle and the battle isn't mine.
It's spiritual warfare between the advesary and the LORD.
But you see, I'm the FRONTLINE!
And a wrong move could end with my soul scourged.

So, yes. I censor how I spend my time.

I have to tread lightly.

It's not that I think that I'm better than anyone or anything like that.
I just know that GOD has a plan for me
And because of that, I'm always under attack.
The advesary wishes me dead, beat, lost, and confused.
And to get his way, he has a plethora of methods that he can use.

So, don't take it personal.
This is just the way that I learned to be...
To become the man that the LORD wants me to be.

I have to tread lightly.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Horizon

Standing on a beach.
The waves caressing against the sand
My feet sinking into it,
staring out into the horizon.

Actually realizing how small, but yet, important that I am.
You see, GOD created me, and when HE did so He had a plan....
HE knew all that I would go through,
All that I would see,
Even in the worst of times...
HE showed me beauty in the world and in me.

So, as I walked down the beach...
my feet passing through the sand,
I began to thank GOD for my life.
It was at that moment that I passed a cross,
Laid on the ground.
Just as CHRIST laid down his life.
GOD is so good.
I praise HIM with all that I am...and to become.
For who HE is, what HE did, and that that has yet to be done.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just Working Out

It's a struggle.
Pressing on when you are getting pressed on.
Trying to make it through, while being put through.
So much drama.
Folks acting, while you're being real.
Taking advantage of your sincerity...
As an opportunity to steal...
Your joy, your goals, your happiness, your heart...
All the things that make, they rip apart.

I know that it seems grim.
Yet, I refuse to be depressed.
You see, I have HIM.
And HE see's it all.
That which was planned for my demise.
HE uses for my victory, not my fall.
Therefore, I still rise...
In the mist of it all.

I don't even seek vengance or try to defend myself.
You see, my GOD see's it all.
And when times get hard, HE reassures me with HIS help.

HE is my personal trainer/spotter while a train in the gym of life.
HE adds more weight to my situation, so that I can become stronger.
Has me running through hurdles to improve my endurance...
So that I can LAST longer.
And when I think that it is too much for me to take...
HE reaches down and picks up some of the weight.
Puts me in a room to myself, turns up the heat, and yes, it gets hot.
But HE does this so that my muscles can rejuvinate.
Then, it's back to job, is to give it all I got.

So, even though it's a struggle, and at times it may seem hard.
I know that weight is just being added to the bar.

And when people are mean, cold, callous, and taking advantage of me.
I know that I'm being placed in my own little room and HE's...
just turning up the heat.

There will be a time...
That I'll look back... on who I used to be,
That old me... Out of shape, tired, and depressed.
The one that folks used as a welcome mat.

Yes, I'll have to look back.

Because, that isn't going to be where I'm at.

You see, GOD's working on me.

And HE's working on you too.

Getting us in shape.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

One on one

One on one

Always in this crowded room.
But when I look into your eyes,
See your smile, experience your glow...

It's as if we are alone.

One on one.

My mind tends to create fantasies.
Imaging, percieving...believing...
that we were before we are
and of what we could be, if we ever was...again.

My mind begins to spin

Picturing us...

One on one.

You see,
We go good together.
Like paper to pen.
Like the word soul to mate.
Hand in hand
Like destiny and fate.

Me, the root.
You, the tree.
Our creation, the fruit.
Our love, poetry.

It's limitless...

the things we could get done...together.

One on one.

Regardless of being read by everyone
It's like our own little inside joke,
That only we know.
I heard you when you spoke.
Now, I'm talking to you.
One day, we'll be like we were in that other lifetime.
You, GODs' beautiful lyric
And me, HIS rhyme.
We, are spoken word.
Creating life in every line.
As for now,
I'll just take it a lil bit
at a time...
And continue having fun
that day
That we are...

One on one.


Monday, March 16, 2009

My Love... Where art thou?

It was days ago and it was here.
Encompassing my whole being.
Reaching deep down into my soul.
Caressing my essence, uplifting my spirit.

And then where did it go?

I was so overpowered by her glow.
I admit a few days went by.
That all I did, at night, was lay by her side.
Happy, I admit.
Thinking, this is as good as it'll get.
Never did I imagine...
that she would be experiencing neglect.

Missing my touch.
Needing my love.
Wanting my embace.
Desiring to render my manhood weak,
after having its nectar to taste.

Having fantasies of deep strokes,
tantalizing licks, & ample tongue tricks.
Dreams of moans, screams, and unsatisfied nightmares awoke.

Her anger, mood swings, and irritability....
All of this I provoked!

It was the feeling of the emotions that I was attached...
That had me feeling fully satisfied.
Problem was I wasn't giving anything back.
And what arose appeared as if our love had died.

Being a man of many questions, I had answers to pursue.
When not given sufficient answers to my questions...
The arguments would ensue. And yes, do to all this frustration...
Next thing you know, the attitudes grew.

She would look at me like you silly silly man.
I would be sitting on the couch with a beer in my hand...
Thinking and feeling totally confused.
Saying to myself,

It was days ago and it was here.
Encompassing my whole being.
Reaching deep down into my soul.
Caressing my essence, uplifting my spirit.

And then where did it go?

(Miscommunication at its best)


Sunday, March 8, 2009

My 5 Senses


See the pain.
See the hurt.
See how life works.
See the blessings from above.
See GOD's love.
Read GOD's word.


Hear the message.
Hear the song.
Hear of lifes wrongs.
Hear the words.
Hear the praises of those moving on.
Listen to the testimonies of the strong.


Speak of love.
Speak your story.
Speak of HIS glory.
Speak HIS word.
Speak the truth.
Talk to the elderly and the youth.


Smell the roses.
Smell the daisies.
Smell the freshness of when the season changes.
Smell the fragrance of love.
Smell the ink while I write.
Inhale the Holy Spirit and exhale life.

Feel a kind face.
Feel the cheeks when they smile.
Feel tears as they roll down.
Feel the heart beat of a child.
Feel the strength of a helping hand.
Touch someones' heart as many times as you can.

In all my senses...
In all that I am.
I will give praise and glory to GOD!