Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Have you seen my heart?

Have you seen my heart?

It’s no where to be found
I’ve looked high, I’ve looked inside
I’ve searched the ground.
It’s no where around.

I keep telling myself,
“one day it’ll show up”,
“it’ll come back”,
“it’s not too late”.
I’m starting to realize…
It’s too late for all of that.

The blood that is in my veins
that once caused my heart to thump.
Now, flows into an abyss,
A bottomless pit
That the deepest cut could never fill up.

I try to tell myself to care,
Because maybe they do.
I attempt to believe that they need me.
But even a blind man can see
With all the years apart,
The void grew.

Plus, there’s the reliable,
The dependable,
The confidant
The new used to be you.

Have you seen my heart?

I even tried to replace it with new, artificial means.
It’s a good strong heart,
Has good intentions,
But it doesn’t stop the hope
And never-ending the dreams.

The loss I have.
The memories I console
The decisions and trades I made.
Have me less than whole.

Have you seen my heart?


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Heavenly I.T.

Heavenly I.T.

Illicit moments remembered in thought
Actually used to terrorize the mind
Taking me places that I’ve never been
Abiding the adversary having me wasting my time
Going through the same thing over and over again

In the data processor of my soul, I receive the message, “Internal Error”
Spiritual breakdown is about to unfold.
“Caution, uploaded material may be viral”.
Time to back up my system by The Word
And seek the guidance of the LORD.

Yet, I still give the world control.

Desiring its goods.
Wanting its pleasures.
Seeking its love.
Listening to its obscenities,
Watching its vulgarities,
Trading my heavenly treasures…
For what?
That of little value, even on earthy measures.

So, I upload the proverbs of Solomon, anti-viral protection,
And seek Godly direction.
Which eliminates all the malware, spyware, and deletes all the spam.
Leaving me naked, but pouring over me the cleansing blood of the lamb.
Control, Alt, delete…
I start over with a new sheet.
But this time, before I start my program…
It’ll be in Jesus’ name that I speak.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Confuse the enemy

(A little wink) +-

Just found out I lost my job.

Thank GOD.

Came home...wife was with Rob,
not to mention, Jill, and the thangs I saw...

GOD is good!

They say my health is failing,
my house is in foreclosure,
the bills are adding up,
not to mention,
my sons' pants are dragging on the floor.
My daughters' been out all night.
And to top it all off the car ain't acting right.

Thank You, Jesus.

Standing at the bus stop,
Standing... did you hear what I said?
Waiting on the bus to come
It began to rain all over my head.
Still don't complain,
Standing in the mist of it all
And still praising HIS name.
You see, eventually the bus will come
Things will change.
And regardless of good or bad times.
The love of GOD remains the same.

GOD is good.
Thank You, Jesus!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moving from F.O.G to C.O.G

See the vision.
Hear the heart.
Journey the path.

Once again, it's time to start.

Tear drops and petals of love.
Seem like the murmurs of old.
Peacefully free,
Spreading my wings... like a dove.
Soaring through the air,
Expressing my love... with my pens' blood.
Soulfully done in the dark,
Awaiting a new horizion.

Once again, it's time to start.

Releasing my vision.
Correcting my mind.
Submitting unto HIS will.
Remaining humble
Give HIM HIS praise and glory...

I once was in the F.O.G
Just a Friend of GOD.
But HE transformed me,
called me HIS child
Made me a C.O.G in the machine of life
cleared my eyes
And through my talent,
I try to lead the lost to Christ.

At times, it's truly hard.
That's when it's time to start,
moving righteously with heart...
as a true...Child of GOD


Monday, August 17, 2009

It's All Good

Plagued by the sounds of my past, CLACK!
Hitting me up against my back.
Trying to move forward in victory,
But curiousity sometimes has me looking back, SMACK.
Once again off track.

I know that's it been awhile
(going through these troubles)
Stuck in a daze, still able to muster up a smile.
However, now I've sore jaw muscles.
(Teeth clinched down tight)
Struggling to stay righteous,
But I don't know if I can keep up the fight.

Deadly dark whispers
Entertaining my mind at night.
Praying for mercy that only Jesus can deliver
It's getting hard to focus on the light.

Vision blurred,
Focus obscured,
It's not a illness in my body that needs to be healed.
It's the sickness in my soul that needs to be cured.

You see, I don't think that I'm fullfilling my purpose.
I'm smothering my dream.
I've locked down my potential.
And you ask, how am I doing?

Everything is everything.


Sunday, July 19, 2009


Unseen, but felt.
Not audible, but heard.
Never lies, so trusted.

He is my GOD.

Knows me better than I know myself.
Knew me and loved me before I became myself.
Never leaves me and always offers help.

He is my GOD.

Takes me through to bring me to...
The desires of my heart.
Become the man that He desires me to be.
Becoming a living testimony.
Help the mentally enslaved be free.

He is my GOD.

I tend to say that I was...
Lost, but I never was.
Alone, yet He was there.
In trouble, but He always supplied the answer.

You see,

He is my GOD...

And He cares... for you and me.

Thank you, Jesus, for calvary.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Change has come

Seen sorrow, felt pain
been in struggle
in work and in love
feeling life's strain
Tried on my own
Only to be consumed, confused, and left in a daze.
It's a shame
But that all changed
Gave it to a higher power
And now its a breeze
Because HE directs my ways
Burden off my back
Getting a divorce,
However, no need to sympathize for that
Still have love in my heart
But it's not guided by what lovers do in the dark
It's something stronger
More pure
More innocent
More right
Best way to say it
I have the love of CHRIST
In my life


P.S.- I'm F.R.E.E; finally realizing everything exist... in me, for me all for the praise and glory of GOD and I can do all things through HE who strengthens me!
I'm free.

Be blessed

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Still Have Hope, However...

Distant far glance
Not with my eyes
Done with my mind
Staring back into my past

Which haunts me like a ghost

Memories of old ways
Old days, the good and bad thangs
Tempting me from my current path
Ghostly whispers telling me stray

Current situations definitely not helping thangs.

I can feel that demon on my shoulder
Pushing the angel over
Figuring a new way
Castrating the spiritual path
Alleviating the current pain of the day

Masking an illusion
Creating a easy way out
Destined for the penitentiary
Confusion, no doubt.


Please, Really Another Year?
Spent enough time, shed enough tears.
Gettin' off my knees, standing to my feet.

Hear that demon talk
Bad part is, I listen to him when he speaks
Reverting back to the madness of my youth
The streets

Momma, baby, and daddy gotta eat

Rent gotta get paid
Believe me, I prayed
Yet, it is still getting so hard
Feeling lost and forgotten

But, still begging GOD

I need one more chance
Not just in my mind
Not for my eyes
Distant far glance
Life worth living before my demise

I lived for war
But, I'll rest in peace.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Just one more chance, please.

Precious prayers
said upstairs
on my knees
Change me.
Make me.
Mold me.
Hold me.

Take me back to that
Which YOU wanted me to be
Back to that
Which YOU created me to be
Before, I made all the mistakes
And took YOU out and inserted more of me.
Becoming more than lost.
Personally, I know that I'm not deserving...
That's why these prayers are so precious.

See, from what I've read...
Christ paved the way... for my life, for my soul...
His blood was shed
And it's that blood that covers my sins
Those that I did, do, and have yet to be done
And the reason that I continually bow my head
Praying for HIS guidance, strength, and wisdom.

I'm more than a lost lamb.
I'm a lamb in a world amongst wolves
It's hard to dream, concentrate, and stand
When I can feel them biting at my hooves

Also there are those that don't seek any meat.
Their purpose is to mentally destroy
The humble, lowly, meek, and sweet.
Devouring them from the inside out.
Taking all that they ever dreamed of or hoped of becoming...
By words spoken from their own mouth.
Doomed to live a life of doubt.
They become people that don't even try. Believers of a lie.

You see, that's why...
these prayers are so precious.
These... are my chance.
My gleam of hope.
My call to my saviour.
LORD, save me, guide me, pull my rope.
Keep me close.
I don't want to succumb to the world
Watch my dreams, hopes become intangible and fade away like a ghost.

So, this I pray...
Touch me.
Transform me.
Enable me,
Mold me,
And conform me to your will.

Make me over again.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Cover Me

I am only that of clay.
Clay, a refined mud…
With a determination to change.
Hopefully not in vain, can’t do it on my own.
So, I wallow in Jesus Christ’s blood.
& I move forward in HIS name.

Oh cover me.

Passion misguided
Misguided hope… about lost
Lost in dreams
Dreams deferred
Deferred at my cost
Cost my life

Please pray with me that I don’t make the same mistake twice.

Cover me.

Day and night…
Strengthen me,
Enhance my sight,
Enable me,
Guide me,
On a path that’s right.

Help me maintain in this thing called life.

Cover me.

Let it be my name that rolls off your lips.
Pray for my good in all circumstance.
Keep me in good health, body and mind.
Draw me close to the LORD…
So that I may find peace in HIS time.

Cover me.

And I’ll cover you.
You and I
Two of like mind
Gather in HIS name
HE will be present
The result, Change.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

In HIM, you are.

Feeling out of the loop?
Have to wear too many hats?
Want a chance to recoup?
But lost your identity somewhere way back?

Thinking that you're only a flashlight in a realm of stars.
Don't think that you're worthy, appreciated, or needed.

I'm here to tell you,

In HIM, you are.

So, now you are Mr. or Mrs.
A brother, sister, aunt, uncle, mom, or dad
Reminiscing on the freedom of your youth
Or the perception of the belief of the freedom that you once had.

Now you have more responsiblities,
many eyes look unto you.
Back then, you were only a student
Now you are a teacher.
Leading, teaching, showing others...
a proper direction to move.

You've been elevated...
And are not just limited to the depths of the skies.
The LORD has entrusted you in the development of young minds.
Not to mention, HE knows your heart, therefore HE allows you to touch lives.

You're not bound by rope.
You're not tied by a chain.
You're not encircled by a ring.
You're not defined by a name.

You are, because HE needed you to be.
You've made and make a difference in the world.
You are the definition of free...

In HIM, you are.


Monday, March 30, 2009

I Have to Tread Lightly

From the wrongs that I've done.
To the pains that I've caused.
Heartaches initiated as fun.
To the breaking of numerous laws.

I have to tread lightly.

At one time,
There wasn't a liquor that I wouldn't drink.
Wasn't a drug that I wouldn't do.
There wasn't a depth of level that I wouldn't sink.
And wasn't a woman alive that I wouldn't screw.

I started out on the right path,
But fell in love with the wrong avenue.

This much I learned about myself...
I'm easily influenced.
So, I have to becareful of what I watch, read, and listen to.

I have to tread lightly.

I know it's a battle and the battle isn't mine.
It's spiritual warfare between the advesary and the LORD.
But you see, I'm the FRONTLINE!
And a wrong move could end with my soul scourged.

So, yes. I censor how I spend my time.

I have to tread lightly.

It's not that I think that I'm better than anyone or anything like that.
I just know that GOD has a plan for me
And because of that, I'm always under attack.
The advesary wishes me dead, beat, lost, and confused.
And to get his way, he has a plethora of methods that he can use.

So, don't take it personal.
This is just the way that I learned to be...
To become the man that the LORD wants me to be.

I have to tread lightly.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Horizon

Standing on a beach.
The waves caressing against the sand
My feet sinking into it,
staring out into the horizon.

Actually realizing how small, but yet, important that I am.
You see, GOD created me, and when HE did so He had a plan....
HE knew all that I would go through,
All that I would see,
Even in the worst of times...
HE showed me beauty in the world and in me.

So, as I walked down the beach...
my feet passing through the sand,
I began to thank GOD for my life.
It was at that moment that I passed a cross,
Laid on the ground.
Just as CHRIST laid down his life.
GOD is so good.
I praise HIM with all that I am...and to become.
For who HE is, what HE did, and that that has yet to be done.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just Working Out

It's a struggle.
Pressing on when you are getting pressed on.
Trying to make it through, while being put through.
So much drama.
Folks acting, while you're being real.
Taking advantage of your sincerity...
As an opportunity to steal...
Your joy, your goals, your happiness, your heart...
All the things that make you...you, they rip apart.

I know that it seems grim.
Yet, I refuse to be depressed.
You see, I have HIM.
And HE see's it all.
That which was planned for my demise.
HE uses for my victory, not my fall.
Therefore, I still rise...
In the mist of it all.

I don't even seek vengance or try to defend myself.
You see, my GOD see's it all.
And when times get hard, HE reassures me with HIS help.

HE is my personal trainer/spotter while a train in the gym of life.
HE adds more weight to my situation, so that I can become stronger.
Has me running through hurdles to improve my endurance...
So that I can LAST longer.
And when I think that it is too much for me to take...
HE reaches down and picks up some of the weight.
Puts me in a room to myself, turns up the heat, and yes, it gets hot.
But HE does this so that my muscles can rejuvinate.
Then, it's back to training...my job, is to give it all I got.

So, even though it's a struggle, and at times it may seem hard.
I know that weight is just being added to the bar.

And when people are mean, cold, callous, and taking advantage of me.
I know that I'm being placed in my own little room and HE's...
just turning up the heat.

There will be a time...
That I'll look back... on who I used to be,
That old me... Out of shape, tired, and depressed.
The one that folks used as a welcome mat.

Yes, I'll have to look back.

Because, that isn't going to be where I'm at.

You see, GOD's working on me.

And HE's working on you too.

Getting us in shape.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

One on one

One on one

Always in this crowded room.
But when I look into your eyes,
See your smile, experience your glow...

It's as if we are alone.

One on one.

My mind tends to create fantasies.
Imaging, percieving...believing...
that we were before we are
and of what we could be, if we ever was...again.

My mind begins to spin

Picturing us...

One on one.

You see,
We go good together.
Like paper to pen.
Like the word soul to mate.
Hand in hand
Like destiny and fate.

Me, the root.
You, the tree.
Our creation, the fruit.
Our love, poetry.

It's limitless...

the things we could get done...together.

One on one.

Regardless of being read by everyone
It's like our own little inside joke,
That only we know.
I heard you when you spoke.
Now, I'm talking to you.
One day, we'll be like we were in that other lifetime.
You, GODs' beautiful lyric
And me, HIS rhyme.
We, are spoken word.
Creating life in every line.
As for now,
I'll just take it a lil bit
at a time...
And continue having fun
that day
That we are...

One on one.


Monday, March 16, 2009

My Love... Where art thou?

It was days ago and it was here.
Encompassing my whole being.
Reaching deep down into my soul.
Caressing my essence, uplifting my spirit.

And then where did it go?

I was so overpowered by her glow.
I admit a few days went by.
That all I did, at night, was lay by her side.
Happy, I admit.
Thinking, this is as good as it'll get.
Never did I imagine...
that she would be experiencing neglect.

Missing my touch.
Needing my love.
Wanting my embace.
Desiring to render my manhood weak,
after having its nectar to taste.

Having fantasies of deep strokes,
tantalizing licks, & ample tongue tricks.
Dreams of moans, screams, and unsatisfied nightmares awoke.

Her anger, mood swings, and irritability....
All of this I provoked!

It was the feeling of the emotions that I was attached...
That had me feeling fully satisfied.
Problem was I wasn't giving anything back.
And what arose appeared as if our love had died.

Being a man of many questions, I had answers to pursue.
When not given sufficient answers to my questions...
The arguments would ensue. And yes, do to all this frustration...
Next thing you know, the attitudes grew.

She would look at me like you silly silly man.
I would be sitting on the couch with a beer in my hand...
Thinking and feeling totally confused.
Saying to myself,

It was days ago and it was here.
Encompassing my whole being.
Reaching deep down into my soul.
Caressing my essence, uplifting my spirit.

And then where did it go?

(Miscommunication at its best)


Sunday, March 8, 2009

My 5 Senses


See the pain.
See the hurt.
See how life works.
See the blessings from above.
See GOD's love.
Read GOD's word.


Hear the message.
Hear the song.
Hear of lifes wrongs.
Hear the words.
Hear the praises of those moving on.
Listen to the testimonies of the strong.


Speak of love.
Speak your story.
Speak of HIS glory.
Speak HIS word.
Speak the truth.
Talk to the elderly and the youth.


Smell the roses.
Smell the daisies.
Smell the freshness of when the season changes.
Smell the fragrance of love.
Smell the ink while I write.
Inhale the Holy Spirit and exhale life.

Feel a kind face.
Feel the cheeks when they smile.
Feel tears as they roll down.
Feel the heart beat of a child.
Feel the strength of a helping hand.
Touch someones' heart as many times as you can.

In all my senses...
In all that I am.
I will give praise and glory to GOD!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Don't Be Tricked!

Tis a delusion...
the confusion
that misery can display.

An optical illusion
on the mind is played
and through the eyes portrayed

Yet, it's the holding on,
believing in, having faith and hope for...
that an escape is made.

The reason for countless sleepless nights
that prayers are prayed

Only to realized that you are saved.

There's no blessing without a battle,
But know that battles not yours.

Instead of holding it in, give it to GOD,
the battle is the LORDs'.

This is but a single beat in the drumming of life.
Your breakthrough is coming,
just as the sun shines its light dissipating the night.
You too, out of this darkness, will be bright.
Refocus your mind and eyes,
Step out of the boat,
Keep your eyes on CHRIST.
GOD won't let you sink.
HE loves you more than you think.

Not obtaining HIS promises and your dreams
is only an illusion the adversary uses
to try to destroy you and have you focus on the wrong things.

Don't be tricked.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pardon me while I get on my knees

This time...
I know that I can't do it on my own.
This time...
Will be different because I'm grown.
This time.

I've tried all that I know
Experienced highs and lows
Thought it would be different now
But this pain, I can't let go.
Seems mysterious to me...
The reason for and direction of this depressionate flow.
And how, at the same time,
Love can be so beautiful and painful.

Yet, I stand.

I stand as a believer.
I stand in YOUR hope.
I bask in YOUR mercy.
I wail in YOUR grace.

I lift my head up to the sky
As tear trails roll down my face.
I know that YOU are in control of...
my life, my destiny, my heart, and my fate.

YOU, I know, have a plan.
YOU are only taking me through, not leaving me in.
YOU are making me a better man
Therefore, in love with you...
I pray,
I stay,
I believe,
I hope...


I will continue to let YOU lead me by the hand.
I thank YOU for the guidance,
love and experience.

In YOUR son's holy and righteous name, JESUS,
I pray,



Tuesday, February 10, 2009



Take a journey with me back through time.
Hear the wind blow through the thistles
Have a seat on the porch and listen to the bells chime
Pardon GranDaddy's speech, don't have my front teeth, so I whistles... while I speak.

Today, I got you a little treat.
I'ma tell you a story about a time way back.
Where music was music and a cd was a 8 track.
I know you don't remember that...
we used to have to push a button, you'd hear a noise...
Clack, clack.
Next song. Haaa!

With a glide in my stride,
Tilt in my brim hat,
tooth pick in my mouth,
and with the cleanest threads on my back...
Your GranDaddy thought that he was all that.
Back in that day, I guess it's like yourn...
Being a man is what you became
Being a boy is how you were born.
Even though I wasn't of age
When I stepped outside,
I thought the world was my stage.

Yeah, I had a young mans' mentality.

I was just that clean.
I was just that tough.
Known to hold my own in a fight.
Girls...I just couldn't get enough, but...
didn't stay with none longer than one night.
See, my player game was tight.
I made my money on and under the table.
Had a reputation of keeping the money in flight.
Which made me feel POWERFUL.
I thought that I was holding all the cards.

Then one day, all that changed,
I was outside my momma's door
when four brothers walked across the yard.
Showing hand signs and saying ESP Gang.
Asking me where I'M from
And what do I want to do.
Kept calling me blood
And over the next 15 to 20 minutes, I tasted blood too.
They robbed me and knocked out my front two.
Which made me feel victimized, ashamed...
anything, but POWERFUL.

Embarrassed, I stayed in the house.
Didn't want to go out. I knew they lived close by.
Till one day, momma, with a switch in her hand,
Said get out this house, be a man and fight, and you better not cry.
I mustered up all the strength I could get.
It wasn't even one on one, but I took them on and won.
Again, I felt POWERFUL, but this time I had respect.

They didn't mess with me anymore.
I still thought that I had game.
And after all that...I knew the girls would let me score.

Then I met BabyDoll.

Instantly fell in love, a love struck dummy.
Anything she wanted I would buy.
It wasn't long before I was just giving her my money.
And when she wouldn't see me, I'd cry...my emotions had me blue.
Which made me feel used, taken for granted...anything but POWERFUL.
She had stopped answering my calls and I didn't know why.
On the way to her house, I saw her with another guy.
That first heart break had me depressed for a long time.

But through all that....
Going from a boy playing games
To being a man taking care of thangs.
I learned that when you have a good woman,
You treat her right, make her your wife.
Don't let no one disrespect your family,
honor, or threaten to take your life.
And always do what's right by you and by others.
Trust me...
That's a POWERFUL lesson to learn.
Learn it now.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Look Deep Into These Eyes

Look deep into these eyes,
Let me tell you what I see.
This is my daughter, my child
who usually emits a glow, but sometimes
you can get a glimpse of the pain she feels internally.
This picture was taken three years ago on her birthday.
I called her, we talked, but neither one of us had much to say.
I took it as her having an attitude
And she probably took it as me having the same.
I just got this picture today
Looking into her eyes,
Changed everything.
You see, she was my best friend who I took everywhere.
She was Daddy's little girl.
Then years and a divorce later
She was lead to believe that Daddy didn't care.
I had moved away
And all she knew was Daddy wasn't there.
So, when I look at this picture, and stare deep into those eyes...
I see a little girl who is becoming a woman
that wishes her Daddy was in her life.
~Flowriter(Sorry, I can't even finish)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Suicide deferred by a time to murder

I've sat on this couch
I've stared out the window
I've comptemplated my consequences
And I even already begun
Half of the pill bottle is empty
Saving the other half for after I load the gun.

I lived this same existence over and over.
My life seems meaningless
I know... they say it's times like this,
that you should find someone to talk to.
I've talked. I've listened. But now I'm through.
People are still so cruel.

(Pointing the gun at my head)
Right at that moment
Who knew, my life would be saved by the news.
News flash they said,
Young boy, 5th grader,
found hanging in the bathroom dead.
(moving the pistol from my temple to the tip of my nose)
I listened as they said,
This 5th grader committed suicide at school, in the bathroom, they suppose.

Hung himself...
I sat there on the couch and my eyes closed.
I listened to the mothers' cries and comtemplated the reasons why.
Knowing all she did was send him to school.
Hung himself? I turned off the news. I ain't no fool...
I know they're lying! In my mind, I could still hear the mother crying.
It was at that moment I changed my mind.

I closed my blinds.
Got out all my guns.
Comtemplated retribution.
Killing each and every guilty one
It was at that moment the affects of the pills I took begun
My eye lids began to shut,
My head began to fall,
My legs were heavy, and...
I couldn't move my body at all.
I fell to the floor
Thinking I was dying...
But I didn't want to die anymore.
There was a purpose for my life.
There's a reason for me to be.
There was people that I needed to kill
And I kept hoping that I didn't kill me.

(Everything went dark)

After that, everything was dark for a long time.
I guess you can say that I took it there and went much further.
The ironic thing of it all is I went from attempting suicide...
To doing triple life in prison for murder.


Tears of a Father, written by a Daddy

She said what!?
I can't believe that she made you feel that way.
Tears strolling down your eyes,
leaving sad trails on your face.
Was it something you did? It must be.
She spoke to you like that?
Last time you seen her she was only three?
I can tell the sadness is overwhelming you, taking over your being.
All I can is pray about it, prayer sets the heart free.
But, I can't believe that she spoke to you like that.
Said such horrible things.
I know, you haven't been around much...
Don't call and are always out of touch.
I know, you send funds for fun,clothes, and such.
It seems as if that just isn't enough.
Man, I know it's tough.
Being told you aren't her father.
She don't recognize you as family.
Calling you a stranger, while calling another man daddy.
Whew, I know that it must be hard...
Hearing your daughter say,
Momma, there's some strange man in the yard.
Then to go to her with open arms
And watch her run away.
It's hard seeing you like this,
But since you haven't been around
I can't believe that she made you feel that way.
Don't worry, I'll continue taking care of her, and you'll be okay.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Can You Imagine

Can You Imagine?

If you were the man/woman that you always desired to be.
If you had no fear of what you thought, say, or think.
If you could express yourself and everyone know what you mean.
If you, instead of sinfully, lived righteously, inspiring multitudes...the lowly and Kings/Queens
If as much effort you put into doing nothing, you put into doing everything
If you lived to uplift and to share
If when you spoke, people became aware.
If the movement of your body was like grace in motion
If your love was overflowing, so much so, that they could bottle it as a potion.
(give it to the bitter,downtrodden, and lonely as a topical lotion)
If you believed your mother, when she told you...you could be anything.
If you never settled for less and accomplished dream after dream.
If you never believed yourself when you said it was too late.
If you truly lived to the fullest day after day.
Can you imagine, if you didn't find any of this strange?
Imagine...If you'd change.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Learning To Climb


Casually climbing to top a hill
Journeying to where I never been.
Hoping to find a place of peace to be still.
Putting my mind at ease, strengthing my will.
And hopefully not have to start again.

For as in life, to top a hill, there's many ways to climb.
There's the steady and straight. The quick tend to break.
Then, there's those like myself, casually strolling on paths that wind.

Praying that my legs endure.
For the journey never seems to end.
Excited, at first, because there's so much to explore.
Step after step, it loses its luster, not excited no more.
Just the hopes of a grandiose traveller experiencing a bend.

Realizing that, I could be off track.
Because I seem so far from where I want to be.
Much to far to turn back, and honestly,
can't fathom the thought of that.
I pick me a mark to get to before dark, a strong majestic tree.

Underneath that tree I stayed.
More than halfway to my goal.
Comfortable with its nourishment I became.
And happy with its daytime shade.
I lost the purpose I set out on this stroll.

I could be found,
years later all withered and gray.
Sitting underneath that tree, head slumped down.
Eyes focused on the ground.
Disappointed, because I settled for only halfway.

Lesson: Regardless of how you climb...don't ever stop.Doesn't matter the mountains you face, continue moving to your goal, the top.Once there, seek another goal to take its place.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Thank You for being YOU!

I’m not the only one that needs you by the side.
The devil is strong and in this flesh that is weak…I can’t find anywhere to hide.
So, it’s in you that I confide. That in my soul that you may reside.
Comfort me in the good times
and in the bad that I always seem to find.
Remind me of your love.
Embrace me with your touch.
Teach me long suffering & patience
And don’t give up on me, when I give up on me
And say enough is enough.
When my heart hurts and the pain doesn’t go away
Let it be you that soothes me
And gives me the strength for another day.
All that I have, I feel that its been lost
All that I held dear, like a thief in the night
They’ve taken away, left me to pay the cost
I know I have you
So, I won’t give up hope.
Many of us are trapped in satans rope, plagued by false truths
He tries to choke out our lives by tightening his noose
We need you to provide us strength and the courage to pull through
It gets hard sometime LORD
I thank you, we have you


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Think (kwansaba poem- 7 words, 7 lines, no words over 7 letters)

All have sight, not all have vision
All have ears, not all will listen
All have mouths, not all speak
All have a brain, not all think
It's like a non shining street light.
It's like being a pen without ink.
Just staying in the dark. Blink. Blink.


Fathom (Kwansaba poem- 7 line, 7 words, no word over 7 letters)

Fathom a life with one true wife
No games or calling out bad names
Just pure love as if from above
mental and stable, normal and able...true.
Capable of dealing through the bad storms
Two loving bodies at night, staying warm
Nothing's picture perfect, but this is close.


Flows just poet This

(Try this one forward and backwards, top to bottom. Then upside down, bottom to top forwards and backwards. )

Shining Through
Embers bright, dark of Night
Light compelled, as well Misconstrued
Enhanced poetically, this witches Brew
Dance spiritually, artist of spoken words Chant
Back-ground, drums are lulling, fire around Circling,
Back down stamped hands, heads moving forward and back Jerking.
Hurting, the mind, while fingers still ...Snap
See I, is it working? Think so, Black.
Flow I Think?
Flows just poet This...
This as Just.
Spirit Creative.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have a desire that can ignite a fire into a blaze of poetical flames.
It's not the lines or the rhymes that has my attention
nor is it the paper on the table or the pens position.

It's a hunger that I have inside.

I'm not proud to admit
That I have a need for it
My soul maybe strong,
but my flesh is weak.

I need
I want
I desire


And right now nothing else will do.

I want to hunt it,
capture it,
and kill it, too

I can see...

ink stains on my hands,
ink blots on my pants,
tears of blood trail down my face,
and in my mouth there's a taste....like flesh baby!

I sense another poet lurking in the woods...
got talent, writing ability good...
gotta a style that's unique

I'm ready to pounce...


Here comes the ink...

ink stains on my hands,
ink blots on my pants
another poet down...met his fate,
and in my mouth, there's a taste...like flesh baby!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Step Into My Flow

I live in a place that only a poet would know.
Mesmerized by words,
plagued by verbs,
utilize nouns that are profound.
With my nose stuck in a dictionary
Getting my rocks off
That's where I can be found.

Step into my flow.

Even when looking into nature
There's so much more that I see.
I draw correlations between nature and love.
A necessary event, the nectar needed by a bee.
I guess the juices just be flowing in me.

Step into my flow.

I feel like a race car driver at the line.
My mind takes off
Leaving nothing but rhymes on the lines
My pen begins to grind and I got mountains of poems to go.

Step into my flow.

Catch the rhythm if you can
Cause I know I'm getting cramps in my hands,
I just can't get the words out fast enough though.
I love this flow! It's fast and furious
Ain't nothing about it slow.
This is just the realm that I'm stuck in
The place I love to be...
Creating a rhythm with a rhyme in my mind
Expressing the poem in me
Putting it down on my favorite sites...
For the Art of Poetry!
Because I'm always down to grind...
Love to write and keep...
Poetry on the mind!

Step into my flow!


Where I Aught To Be

This isn't a vision of lost hope
Or misguided dreams
Not even of things that I've wished for
And failed to achieve.
It's the exact opposite.

It's the birth of new hope.
It's the vision of myself.
It's a new love for myself.
It's where I see myself.

Where I aught to be.

There I am standing on stage
Reciting my work, my love, my poetry
Flowing so naturally
For I am in my true element.
Not only that, at the same time,
I'm...spiritually giving back...
To those like myself,
that see themselves somewhere else.

That's... where I'm going to be.

Financially... secure.
Creating my own income.
Not dependent on anyone,
just that of the LORD.
Spiritually, financially, mentally...
Uplifting all those that HE places in my path.
Reminding them that, for them, the LORD plans more.

Where They aught to be.

Laying in my bed,
Sharing and giving all my love.
Not insecure, selfish, or self-centered anymore.
Instead, thinking... how can I please you?
What do you need, want, desire?
In all my actions...
Becoming A man.

The man I aught to be.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


A Milli

Who dat is...
that can drop them lyrics like fire
You'll need a milli of dem poets
to compare to one flowriter
Take a second for me to drop it
Another second to make it flow
Final second for me to type it
It's the Flowriter show.
I create poems by the millions, a milli for short
Doesn't matter the subject
A milli here, a milli there, I put my pen to work
It's the pad that I hurt
Etching and scribbling all these lines of poetical words.
I can be heavier than a kilo, but just as addictive
You see, there's all kinds of birds,
I'm just the one with flow, lyrically seductive
Catch me on the go
A milli here, a milli there
You know how I do.
Pen up, paper down WriterSide Fool!(lol)


Monday, January 12, 2009


Captivated...I've been.

Each day, soaring through the air,

gliding on the wind.

Just out of my reach,

I watched her.

Waiting for the right moment.

Acquiring the right bait.

I knew I had to have her

And she would be my mate.

I noticed that she admired the flowers on the hillside.

I gathered them, arranged them, and made them beautiful to the eye.

When she swooped down to see them,

I grabbed her as away she began to fly

She wrapped her legs tightly around me.

I could feel myself inside her, throbbing, and pounding.

She began moaning and grinding as she held on to me tightly.

No longer was she trying to escape.

I began gasping for air with each powerful thrust

coming to a climax as my and her essences began to escape.

Every since that day, she's been my mate.

Still flying over me, but never leaving my side.

She's my bird, she's my bride.




I am thankful to He…
He who is in me and all around me.
And in my time of unsure ness and being lost…
So glad His guidance found me.
There is so much that I can say.
And to some it may sound odd,
because I give all the praise and glory…
To the Almighty God.
Who’s essence is pure and full of love.
Whom has taught me long-suffering…
And to seek the victory of Heaven,
And bask in the joy from above.
He has installed within me…
A state of peace, humbleness, and patience.
That keep me from earthly complaining.
In my time of troubles, sorrows, and sadness…
He’s gifted me the knowledge of understanding.
I know and now have the wisdom to understand the reasons for the pains of back then.
So, when they reoccur or I reminiscence…
I thank God for the growth spurt and say amen.



I've Been Hurt!

I’ve Been Hurt

It started out fine,
Together we would spend all of our time.
We became more than friends,
And then…
You started to blow my mind.

I’ll never forget the day the words came off of your lips.
All the promises, all the hopes and dreams…
Disappeared with an "I love you" & a goodnight kiss.

I can’t feel for the ones that love me.
I subconsciously keep myself from feeling.
Because of the damage that was done to me.
I’ve been hurt.

My friends, they all tell me to move on.
I spend so many nights and days…
Regretting the fact that you are gone.
I just want someone to love, someone of my own.

I can’t feel for the ones that love me.
I subconsciously keep myself from feeling.
Because of the damage that was done to me.
I’ve been hurt.
I’ve been hurt.

I thought to myself, that I found the perfect woman.
Only to realize, she wanted me for what I have,
Instead of who I am.
Again, I sit and pray wishing for all of this pain to go away.
Now, when women seem interested…
All I can say is…

I can’t feel for the ones that love me.
I subconsciously keep myself from feeling.
Because of the damage that was done to me.
I’ve been hurt.
I’ve been hurt.


Kwansaba Poem

Lost my memory but still self intouch
Given away my heart, broken by lust
Done all that I can to sustain
forgive me and forgave, still no change
How easily I forget, the pain remains
Sullen feelings and a strong salty taste
Tear tracks show proof on my face.




Some think that I was created by woman and man
But I was created way before that.
My spirit goes way back,
But to understand the complexities of how I was manifested,
look into my flesh map.
Started as a seed, but wasn't nothing without an egg,
a place where I could grow,lay my head, breathe, get the nutrition that I need.
I became solely dependant on my mother.
Who was dependant on my father, to be a father, a husband, a lover.
You see, they had to become one for me to become....flesh that is
But, please believe that I was in the mist during the first kiss.
From the first time that they set eyes on eachother
And used words like forever and endless.
I was there...in spirit.
Before there ever was an "I" or a "You"
And the Holy Trinity used the term "Our" and "We"
I was created.
You see, I am love.
Before there was man,
I was in order that man can be.
And to make sure that he would continue to exist
In my essence, Christ was sent, that all, even sinners may be set free.
And its my essence that brings forth life.
And when man and woman create a union in my essence
An expression of their passion is created in the flesh.
A bundle of love.
Therefore do you see...
You are, because I AM,
And we are because of how we can be...
In love.



What do you do when you tried all that you could?
Gave all the love you have?
And nothing seems to matter, still plagued by the past.
That's a glimpse into my life.
However, I haven't given up.
Although, others may have given up on me.
I try to hold on,
It's just that I think that they want to be free.
You see,
I hold no hostages and take no prisoners.
I want the love to be mutual,
it's just hard to find equal minded visioners.
So, even though I'm not alone, I'm alone.
If that you can understand.
If not, take it as the heart murmuring of lonely man.
One who is wishing that his wife desired for him to be her man.
And by my side, for her to stand.
Instead of her feet on my back...
Leaving trails of her footsteps of negativity
all over me.
But what am I to do?
No matter what I say, try...
I'm still wrong,
Only the LORD can pull me through.