Thursday, January 15, 2009

Step Into My Flow

I live in a place that only a poet would know.
Mesmerized by words,
plagued by verbs,
utilize nouns that are profound.
With my nose stuck in a dictionary
Getting my rocks off
That's where I can be found.

Step into my flow.

Even when looking into nature
There's so much more that I see.
I draw correlations between nature and love.
A necessary event, the nectar needed by a bee.
I guess the juices just be flowing in me.

Step into my flow.

I feel like a race car driver at the line.
My mind takes off
Leaving nothing but rhymes on the lines
My pen begins to grind and I got mountains of poems to go.

Step into my flow.

Catch the rhythm if you can
Cause I know I'm getting cramps in my hands,
I just can't get the words out fast enough though.
I love this flow! It's fast and furious
Ain't nothing about it slow.
This is just the realm that I'm stuck in
The place I love to be...
Creating a rhythm with a rhyme in my mind
Expressing the poem in me
Putting it down on my favorite sites...
For the Art of Poetry!
Because I'm always down to grind...
Love to write and keep...
Poetry on the mind!

Step into my flow!


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