Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Learning To Climb


Casually climbing to top a hill
Journeying to where I never been.
Hoping to find a place of peace to be still.
Putting my mind at ease, strengthing my will.
And hopefully not have to start again.

For as in life, to top a hill, there's many ways to climb.
There's the steady and straight. The quick tend to break.
Then, there's those like myself, casually strolling on paths that wind.

Praying that my legs endure.
For the journey never seems to end.
Excited, at first, because there's so much to explore.
Step after step, it loses its luster, not excited no more.
Just the hopes of a grandiose traveller experiencing a bend.

Realizing that, I could be off track.
Because I seem so far from where I want to be.
Much to far to turn back, and honestly,
can't fathom the thought of that.
I pick me a mark to get to before dark, a strong majestic tree.

Underneath that tree I stayed.
More than halfway to my goal.
Comfortable with its nourishment I became.
And happy with its daytime shade.
I lost the purpose I set out on this stroll.

I could be found,
years later all withered and gray.
Sitting underneath that tree, head slumped down.
Eyes focused on the ground.
Disappointed, because I settled for only halfway.

Lesson: Regardless of how you climb...don't ever stop.Doesn't matter the mountains you face, continue moving to your goal, the top.Once there, seek another goal to take its place.



Nnantor said...

That was a beautiful lesson. It spoke to me.

Perfectly Twisted said...

wonderful! I haven't read all your poems yet, only the first couple,but I do like your style of writing also! Lessons, love, inspiration via words... a wonderful gift to have.