Monday, January 12, 2009


Captivated...I've been.

Each day, soaring through the air,

gliding on the wind.

Just out of my reach,

I watched her.

Waiting for the right moment.

Acquiring the right bait.

I knew I had to have her

And she would be my mate.

I noticed that she admired the flowers on the hillside.

I gathered them, arranged them, and made them beautiful to the eye.

When she swooped down to see them,

I grabbed her as away she began to fly

She wrapped her legs tightly around me.

I could feel myself inside her, throbbing, and pounding.

She began moaning and grinding as she held on to me tightly.

No longer was she trying to escape.

I began gasping for air with each powerful thrust

coming to a climax as my and her essences began to escape.

Every since that day, she's been my mate.

Still flying over me, but never leaving my side.

She's my bird, she's my bride.


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