Monday, January 12, 2009



I am thankful to He…
He who is in me and all around me.
And in my time of unsure ness and being lost…
So glad His guidance found me.
There is so much that I can say.
And to some it may sound odd,
because I give all the praise and glory…
To the Almighty God.
Who’s essence is pure and full of love.
Whom has taught me long-suffering…
And to seek the victory of Heaven,
And bask in the joy from above.
He has installed within me…
A state of peace, humbleness, and patience.
That keep me from earthly complaining.
In my time of troubles, sorrows, and sadness…
He’s gifted me the knowledge of understanding.
I know and now have the wisdom to understand the reasons for the pains of back then.
So, when they reoccur or I reminiscence…
I thank God for the growth spurt and say amen.



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