Monday, January 12, 2009



Some think that I was created by woman and man
But I was created way before that.
My spirit goes way back,
But to understand the complexities of how I was manifested,
look into my flesh map.
Started as a seed, but wasn't nothing without an egg,
a place where I could grow,lay my head, breathe, get the nutrition that I need.
I became solely dependant on my mother.
Who was dependant on my father, to be a father, a husband, a lover.
You see, they had to become one for me to become....flesh that is
But, please believe that I was in the mist during the first kiss.
From the first time that they set eyes on eachother
And used words like forever and endless.
I was spirit.
Before there ever was an "I" or a "You"
And the Holy Trinity used the term "Our" and "We"
I was created.
You see, I am love.
Before there was man,
I was in order that man can be.
And to make sure that he would continue to exist
In my essence, Christ was sent, that all, even sinners may be set free.
And its my essence that brings forth life.
And when man and woman create a union in my essence
An expression of their passion is created in the flesh.
A bundle of love.
Therefore do you see...
You are, because I AM,
And we are because of how we can be...
In love.


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