Monday, January 26, 2009

Thank You for being YOU!

I’m not the only one that needs you by the side.
The devil is strong and in this flesh that is weak…I can’t find anywhere to hide.
So, it’s in you that I confide. That in my soul that you may reside.
Comfort me in the good times
and in the bad that I always seem to find.
Remind me of your love.
Embrace me with your touch.
Teach me long suffering & patience
And don’t give up on me, when I give up on me
And say enough is enough.
When my heart hurts and the pain doesn’t go away
Let it be you that soothes me
And gives me the strength for another day.
All that I have, I feel that its been lost
All that I held dear, like a thief in the night
They’ve taken away, left me to pay the cost
I know I have you
So, I won’t give up hope.
Many of us are trapped in satans rope, plagued by false truths
He tries to choke out our lives by tightening his noose
We need you to provide us strength and the courage to pull through
It gets hard sometime LORD
I thank you, we have you


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