Thursday, January 15, 2009

Where I Aught To Be

This isn't a vision of lost hope
Or misguided dreams
Not even of things that I've wished for
And failed to achieve.
It's the exact opposite.

It's the birth of new hope.
It's the vision of myself.
It's a new love for myself.
It's where I see myself.

Where I aught to be.

There I am standing on stage
Reciting my work, my love, my poetry
Flowing so naturally
For I am in my true element.
Not only that, at the same time,
I'm...spiritually giving back...
To those like myself,
that see themselves somewhere else.

That's... where I'm going to be.

Financially... secure.
Creating my own income.
Not dependent on anyone,
just that of the LORD.
Spiritually, financially, mentally...
Uplifting all those that HE places in my path.
Reminding them that, for them, the LORD plans more.

Where They aught to be.

Laying in my bed,
Sharing and giving all my love.
Not insecure, selfish, or self-centered anymore.
Instead, thinking... how can I please you?
What do you need, want, desire?
In all my actions...
Becoming A man.

The man I aught to be.


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