Tuesday, January 13, 2009


A Milli

Who dat is...
that can drop them lyrics like fire
You'll need a milli of dem poets
to compare to one flowriter
Take a second for me to drop it
Another second to make it flow
Final second for me to type it
It's the Flowriter show.
I create poems by the millions, a milli for short
Doesn't matter the subject
A milli here, a milli there, I put my pen to work
It's the pad that I hurt
Etching and scribbling all these lines of poetical words.
I can be heavier than a kilo, but just as addictive
You see, there's all kinds of birds,
I'm just the one with flow, lyrically seductive
Catch me on the go
A milli here, a milli there
You know how I do.
Pen up, paper down WriterSide Fool!(lol)


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