Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Let's Just See Where This Goes...

It was back in December,
Could've been November,
either way it goes
it was in the dead of winter.

We were out in the back, close to the barn.
Me shoveling snow
And you playing with your imaginary friend Tom

I had done cleared a pathway
And started bailing the hay
Y'all were playing in the mud,
what you thought was mud,
Supposedly baking a cake.

Remember that day?

I had to clean you up,
you were smelling like pure pig shit.
I told you that wasn't mud,
But you wouldn't listen,
And you knew Ma would have a fit.

So, I sprayed you with the hose,
snuck you in the house and changed your clothes.
Actin' like nothin' ever happen while steadily hearin' you yappin'
about how I forgot to clean Tom's toes.
So, I told you Tom had on shoes.

'Member that?

'Member, how when Pa came home
He was all upset and mad
Talkin' about how them city folk done moved into town
And was stealin' the little bit of business he had.

'Member that same night, he found out that a pig got loose
and it was killed by some wild animal
And you said you had nuttin' to do wit' it, but we know the truth.
Since you and dem my 'sponsibility, I got the blame for that
And I got your whoppin' too.

I was mad at you for a long time for that
Pa never let me live that down, said I wasn't 'sponsible 'bout nuttin'
Even wouldn't talk to me for awhile.
If you recognize, after that, he started calling you his favorite child.

But now, as I look back.
I'd do it all again,
cus' you my lil sis and I love you
You brought me a hell lot headaches and butt pains,
followin' me everywhere, you da ball and I da chain.
But if it meant,not being back at this old barn,
standing in the place where you played,
I'd do it all again,but this time, some changes gon’ be made,
Me, You, and Tom gon' play.
I ain’t shoveling no snow or bailin’ no hay.
But I guess now since you dead
and we spread your ashes in the wind,
I just gotta settle for you…
being my imaginary friend.
Miss ya baby girl.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Better Half

I thank GOD that HE was able to see,
as I was naming each animal that had a mate after its own kind,
that I was lonely and wanted a mate for me.

It was that glorious day
that the LORD laid me down and put me into a deep sleep,
took my rib and from it,
fashioned a woman whom would make me complete.

You see, I am Adam and she is Eve.
I was told to love her, and she told to love me.
And we were to make love to one another and multiply my seed,
Teach them the love of the LORD and guide them in worshipping.

That was such a wonderful day.
The LORD blessed me beyond my wildest dreams.
He made me King of the Garden of Eden
And provided my with the most beautiful Queen.

The LORD, her, and my family, to me, mean everything.
Thank you, LORD, for blessing me and changing my life
by molding my love in your hands and creating the perfect wife.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

This is only the beginning!

Breathing life into verse
Heartbeat into lines
Soul on paper...enlightening minds.

Escaping the realm of the ordinary
Breaking away from the bonds that confine
Expressing the innermost of my being.

This is only the beginning...
Witness how my pen grinds.

Lost in the love of the word
Not only the poetical, but the biblical, & then...
expressing the inner message heard by relaying it on lines
We are poets and these are the ties that bind.

This is only the beginning.

Let the passion ensue
Let our lyrical love be made
Let our soulful pen stride
As we glide to another page

You see, it's our time to enhance the mind of the world
And prove it's time for change.

This is only the beginning
Barak Obama set the stage.

we can show it not only in our rhymes,
but in our lives
Living a poetical uprising
And yes,
This time... the revolution will be publicized!

This is...only the beginning!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

When there is no more that I can do...

I rest in knowing that GOD is in control.
Especially when I've done all that my feeble mind can fathom.
Tried all that I could to succeed,
Try to keep those that don't want me to have them,
I rest in knowing what I believe...

GOD is in control of the outcome.

I do find myself truly hurting.
Giving all that I got, placing myself in danger, and sacraficing all that I can.
And none of it is working.
Then I misplace my pain with anger, being disrespected, treated like half of a man.
Yet, I stand.

GOD is in control.

I know that GOD knows my heart and sees what I do.
But in a hard time like this...
I pray he helps pull me through.

GOD IS in control

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

To my wife,

I never wanted to be a man with his head in the sand,
oblivious to his surroundings, with no clue of what’s going on.
Taking for granted all that he has…
Not knowing if in the next steps…

Would have himself and his love on separate paths.

Looking back in the past, I can’t even laugh, it makes me sad.
The choices I made, the things I’ve done…
Not only did I hurt myself, I hurt my special ones.
And from all of those choices, I can’t even take back one.
I ended up losing you and that’s when the change begun.

GOD began to work on me. I’m not saying that HE’S through.
But the seed of change was planted in me…
And as time went on, the seed grew.
Never would I have imagined, at that time, I would end up back with you.
But when I did, I knew exactly what to do… Again, I married you.

This time, I wanted no regrets.
I envisioned a life of love, hanging in there in the good times and through the bad mess.
Being faithful when it would be easy to cheat,
Closing my mouth, opening my ears, and actually listening to you when you speak.
I understand that you are not less than, you are my equal, my true help meet.

Back then was just a passage,
Like the secondhand of a clock.
Something we went through, but continued to move.
Not anything that we were stuck in, because life doesn’t stop.
I’m stronger than what I was then,
Now, I won’t run when things get hot.
I’m in it for the long haul and I’m going to give it all I got.

Now, our job is to keep our eyes & mind focused on the journey ahead.
Learn from all that we’ve been through & concentrate on the life we’re living…
Not the past we’ve had that’s dead.
It’s understandable to be cautious,
Because of the mistakes that were made.
Just don’t be so fixated on the past that you fail to see that I’ve changed.

I don’t want to be the man that I was. I’m better than that. I’m the man that GOD made.
And you are the woman that HE’S placed in my life.
I know that you are going to treat me good.
I know that I’m going to treat you right.
I know that I’m blessed, especially with this second chance…
That’s why I thank GOD everyday that you’re my wife...
And I'll do anything for you.

Your Husband ~Flowriter

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Have you missed me?

The way that my words travel on lines.
The mysterious ways that my message is conveyed in rhymes.

Just like the way my lips gently kiss...
And holding in my tongue that loves to lick.

Tell me, baby, have you missed me?

How about the rumble of my voice...
Sweetly whispering in your ear?

Portraying vivid pictures of love,
That can only be seen with my pen.
But, once the words are said, pleasure appears.
Taking you to a galaxy of bliss.
Erasing your worries, gently stroking your fears, &
enhancing your senses with my tongue tricks... and lyrical licks.
Not to mention, the way that my pen flips.
Ooh...and they way you catch every drip...
I miss you!

Tell me, baby, have you missed me?

I know that it hasn't been the same since I haven't been inside ya.
But, baby I'm back...on track, pen in hand, your poet...Flowriter.

Ready to take my time.
Make love with every loop, bend, and twist.
You know how my pen likes to grind.
And baby, know this, you've been missed.
And I promise...
I'll never again stay away like this.

I know, don't say it... I've been missed.

Kiss. Kiss.


Saturday, December 13, 2008


Hidden journey, destiny unknown, and yet I travel.
Many paths to take.
Many deviations to adhere to and many consequences to bare.
Which is the right one?
What happens if I just stop and wait?
Will someone come along and tell me the direction to take?
Help me not make mistake after mistake.

Prayer. I pray for direction, a conception of the plan so that I can adhere.
Yet, I wonder...lost, waiting, wanting.
Thankful I am that GOD knows my heart
For I know like all things, this too will end, but as far as HIS plan...
Where does it begin? I've been lost from the start.

I've learned many things.
I've experienced many feelings.
I've been through a plethora of episodes.
I've had many illness' and been healed from them too.
I've been broken only to await to become fixed.
Oh, I've been journeying...
But, I'm still the same old lost Chris.

The thought still remains that one day things will change.
Away from me will go the lost... ness and pain.
And I will become sure of my destination,
Sure of my steps. Sure of my breath. Sure that the path that I'm on is correct.
But, oh Lord, until then....I watch my steps.
I guess that is my lack of faith.
There must be a purpose of my birth.