Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Better Half

I thank GOD that HE was able to see,
as I was naming each animal that had a mate after its own kind,
that I was lonely and wanted a mate for me.

It was that glorious day
that the LORD laid me down and put me into a deep sleep,
took my rib and from it,
fashioned a woman whom would make me complete.

You see, I am Adam and she is Eve.
I was told to love her, and she told to love me.
And we were to make love to one another and multiply my seed,
Teach them the love of the LORD and guide them in worshipping.

That was such a wonderful day.
The LORD blessed me beyond my wildest dreams.
He made me King of the Garden of Eden
And provided my with the most beautiful Queen.

The LORD, her, and my family, to me, mean everything.
Thank you, LORD, for blessing me and changing my life
by molding my love in your hands and creating the perfect wife.


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