Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Have you missed me?

The way that my words travel on lines.
The mysterious ways that my message is conveyed in rhymes.

Just like the way my lips gently kiss...
And holding in my tongue that loves to lick.

Tell me, baby, have you missed me?

How about the rumble of my voice...
Sweetly whispering in your ear?

Portraying vivid pictures of love,
That can only be seen with my pen.
But, once the words are said, pleasure appears.
Taking you to a galaxy of bliss.
Erasing your worries, gently stroking your fears, &
enhancing your senses with my tongue tricks... and lyrical licks.
Not to mention, the way that my pen flips.
Ooh...and they way you catch every drip...
I miss you!

Tell me, baby, have you missed me?

I know that it hasn't been the same since I haven't been inside ya.
But, baby I'm back...on track, pen in hand, your poet...Flowriter.

Ready to take my time.
Make love with every loop, bend, and twist.
You know how my pen likes to grind.
And baby, know this, you've been missed.
And I promise...
I'll never again stay away like this.

I know, don't say it... I've been missed.

Kiss. Kiss.


1 comment:

SistaSistaSister said...

And the reader screams...
"You've Been Missed"!!!!!
Thumbs Up