Wednesday, December 24, 2008

When there is no more that I can do...

I rest in knowing that GOD is in control.
Especially when I've done all that my feeble mind can fathom.
Tried all that I could to succeed,
Try to keep those that don't want me to have them,
I rest in knowing what I believe...

GOD is in control of the outcome.

I do find myself truly hurting.
Giving all that I got, placing myself in danger, and sacraficing all that I can.
And none of it is working.
Then I misplace my pain with anger, being disrespected, treated like half of a man.
Yet, I stand.

GOD is in control.

I know that GOD knows my heart and sees what I do.
But in a hard time like this...
I pray he helps pull me through.

GOD IS in control

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