Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Let's Just See Where This Goes...

It was back in December,
Could've been November,
either way it goes
it was in the dead of winter.

We were out in the back, close to the barn.
Me shoveling snow
And you playing with your imaginary friend Tom

I had done cleared a pathway
And started bailing the hay
Y'all were playing in the mud,
what you thought was mud,
Supposedly baking a cake.

Remember that day?

I had to clean you up,
you were smelling like pure pig shit.
I told you that wasn't mud,
But you wouldn't listen,
And you knew Ma would have a fit.

So, I sprayed you with the hose,
snuck you in the house and changed your clothes.
Actin' like nothin' ever happen while steadily hearin' you yappin'
about how I forgot to clean Tom's toes.
So, I told you Tom had on shoes.

'Member that?

'Member, how when Pa came home
He was all upset and mad
Talkin' about how them city folk done moved into town
And was stealin' the little bit of business he had.

'Member that same night, he found out that a pig got loose
and it was killed by some wild animal
And you said you had nuttin' to do wit' it, but we know the truth.
Since you and dem my 'sponsibility, I got the blame for that
And I got your whoppin' too.

I was mad at you for a long time for that
Pa never let me live that down, said I wasn't 'sponsible 'bout nuttin'
Even wouldn't talk to me for awhile.
If you recognize, after that, he started calling you his favorite child.

But now, as I look back.
I'd do it all again,
cus' you my lil sis and I love you
You brought me a hell lot headaches and butt pains,
followin' me everywhere, you da ball and I da chain.
But if it meant,not being back at this old barn,
standing in the place where you played,
I'd do it all again,but this time, some changes gon’ be made,
Me, You, and Tom gon' play.
I ain’t shoveling no snow or bailin’ no hay.
But I guess now since you dead
and we spread your ashes in the wind,
I just gotta settle for you…
being my imaginary friend.
Miss ya baby girl.


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