Thursday, December 25, 2008

This is only the beginning!

Breathing life into verse
Heartbeat into lines
Soul on paper...enlightening minds.

Escaping the realm of the ordinary
Breaking away from the bonds that confine
Expressing the innermost of my being.

This is only the beginning...
Witness how my pen grinds.

Lost in the love of the word
Not only the poetical, but the biblical, & then...
expressing the inner message heard by relaying it on lines
We are poets and these are the ties that bind.

This is only the beginning.

Let the passion ensue
Let our lyrical love be made
Let our soulful pen stride
As we glide to another page

You see, it's our time to enhance the mind of the world
And prove it's time for change.

This is only the beginning
Barak Obama set the stage.

we can show it not only in our rhymes,
but in our lives
Living a poetical uprising
And yes,
This time... the revolution will be publicized!

This is...only the beginning!


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