Wednesday, December 17, 2008

To my wife,

I never wanted to be a man with his head in the sand,
oblivious to his surroundings, with no clue of what’s going on.
Taking for granted all that he has…
Not knowing if in the next steps…

Would have himself and his love on separate paths.

Looking back in the past, I can’t even laugh, it makes me sad.
The choices I made, the things I’ve done…
Not only did I hurt myself, I hurt my special ones.
And from all of those choices, I can’t even take back one.
I ended up losing you and that’s when the change begun.

GOD began to work on me. I’m not saying that HE’S through.
But the seed of change was planted in me…
And as time went on, the seed grew.
Never would I have imagined, at that time, I would end up back with you.
But when I did, I knew exactly what to do… Again, I married you.

This time, I wanted no regrets.
I envisioned a life of love, hanging in there in the good times and through the bad mess.
Being faithful when it would be easy to cheat,
Closing my mouth, opening my ears, and actually listening to you when you speak.
I understand that you are not less than, you are my equal, my true help meet.

Back then was just a passage,
Like the secondhand of a clock.
Something we went through, but continued to move.
Not anything that we were stuck in, because life doesn’t stop.
I’m stronger than what I was then,
Now, I won’t run when things get hot.
I’m in it for the long haul and I’m going to give it all I got.

Now, our job is to keep our eyes & mind focused on the journey ahead.
Learn from all that we’ve been through & concentrate on the life we’re living…
Not the past we’ve had that’s dead.
It’s understandable to be cautious,
Because of the mistakes that were made.
Just don’t be so fixated on the past that you fail to see that I’ve changed.

I don’t want to be the man that I was. I’m better than that. I’m the man that GOD made.
And you are the woman that HE’S placed in my life.
I know that you are going to treat me good.
I know that I’m going to treat you right.
I know that I’m blessed, especially with this second chance…
That’s why I thank GOD everyday that you’re my wife...
And I'll do anything for you.

Your Husband ~Flowriter

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