Saturday, December 13, 2008


Hidden journey, destiny unknown, and yet I travel.
Many paths to take.
Many deviations to adhere to and many consequences to bare.
Which is the right one?
What happens if I just stop and wait?
Will someone come along and tell me the direction to take?
Help me not make mistake after mistake.

Prayer. I pray for direction, a conception of the plan so that I can adhere.
Yet, I wonder...lost, waiting, wanting.
Thankful I am that GOD knows my heart
For I know like all things, this too will end, but as far as HIS plan...
Where does it begin? I've been lost from the start.

I've learned many things.
I've experienced many feelings.
I've been through a plethora of episodes.
I've had many illness' and been healed from them too.
I've been broken only to await to become fixed.
Oh, I've been journeying...
But, I'm still the same old lost Chris.

The thought still remains that one day things will change.
Away from me will go the lost... ness and pain.
And I will become sure of my destination,
Sure of my steps. Sure of my breath. Sure that the path that I'm on is correct.
But, oh Lord, until then....I watch my steps.
I guess that is my lack of faith.
There must be a purpose of my birth.

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