Monday, November 10, 2008

I Submit

I Submit
Through all the hard-times that I have been through
My faith has never been shaken.
For I know, although I may sin,
I'm forgiven
Never forsaken.

My life has been engraved in the palm of GOD
And by the blood of Jesus...I'm a new creation.
One that is cherished, that HE hold precious.

HE directs my life,
blessed my marriage,
and all I have to do is have faith in HIM
and uphold his commandments.

Therefore, HE is my center,
my spiritual mentor,
my guide through...
For I know HE has a righteous path that HE plans for me to venture.

So, although times may get hard,
I will never quit.
I give all the praise and glory to GOD.

I submit.



LiL-Bittz said...

I love this poem..I felt every word..It was good for me..thanks for sharing

SistaSistaSister said...

Enjoyed...the flow.