Monday, February 2, 2009

Can You Imagine

Can You Imagine?

If you were the man/woman that you always desired to be.
If you had no fear of what you thought, say, or think.
If you could express yourself and everyone know what you mean.
If you, instead of sinfully, lived righteously, inspiring multitudes...the lowly and Kings/Queens
If as much effort you put into doing nothing, you put into doing everything
If you lived to uplift and to share
If when you spoke, people became aware.
If the movement of your body was like grace in motion
If your love was overflowing, so much so, that they could bottle it as a potion.
(give it to the bitter,downtrodden, and lonely as a topical lotion)
If you believed your mother, when she told could be anything.
If you never settled for less and accomplished dream after dream.
If you never believed yourself when you said it was too late.
If you truly lived to the fullest day after day.
Can you imagine, if you didn't find any of this strange?
Imagine...If you'd change.


1 comment:

Perfectly Twisted said...

Brilliant poem and so uplifting! Thank you... I needed to remember to be my everything. xo