Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tears of a Father, written by a Daddy

She said what!?
I can't believe that she made you feel that way.
Tears strolling down your eyes,
leaving sad trails on your face.
Was it something you did? It must be.
She spoke to you like that?
Last time you seen her she was only three?
I can tell the sadness is overwhelming you, taking over your being.
All I can is pray about it, prayer sets the heart free.
But, I can't believe that she spoke to you like that.
Said such horrible things.
I know, you haven't been around much...
Don't call and are always out of touch.
I know, you send funds for fun,clothes, and such.
It seems as if that just isn't enough.
Man, I know it's tough.
Being told you aren't her father.
She don't recognize you as family.
Calling you a stranger, while calling another man daddy.
Whew, I know that it must be hard...
Hearing your daughter say,
Momma, there's some strange man in the yard.
Then to go to her with open arms
And watch her run away.
It's hard seeing you like this,
But since you haven't been around
I can't believe that she made you feel that way.
Don't worry, I'll continue taking care of her, and you'll be okay.



Chaile said...

I understand her point of view. It seems as a child the things that are of value are priceless. Its too bad so many fathers miss out on the joy of being daddy.

Thank you for sharing.

Young women with an artistic vision said...

i really like this one.
i really understand the point of view of it.

Young women with an artistic vision said...
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Voice said...

Daughters at any age can be hard. I haven't had one, but since I am one I know that I go off sometimes; espically at my parents.

I'm not in her position, so I can't even begin to understand. Pretty poem, moving words all the same.