Tuesday, February 10, 2009



Take a journey with me back through time.
Hear the wind blow through the thistles
Have a seat on the porch and listen to the bells chime
Pardon GranDaddy's speech, don't have my front teeth, so I whistles... while I speak.

Today, I got you a little treat.
I'ma tell you a story about a time way back.
Where music was music and a cd was a 8 track.
I know you don't remember that...
we used to have to push a button, you'd hear a noise...
Clack, clack.
Next song. Haaa!

With a glide in my stride,
Tilt in my brim hat,
tooth pick in my mouth,
and with the cleanest threads on my back...
Your GranDaddy thought that he was all that.
Back in that day, I guess it's like yourn...
Being a man is what you became
Being a boy is how you were born.
Even though I wasn't of age
When I stepped outside,
I thought the world was my stage.

Yeah, I had a young mans' mentality.

I was just that clean.
I was just that tough.
Known to hold my own in a fight.
Girls...I just couldn't get enough, but...
didn't stay with none longer than one night.
See, my player game was tight.
I made my money on and under the table.
Had a reputation of keeping the money in flight.
Which made me feel POWERFUL.
I thought that I was holding all the cards.

Then one day, all that changed,
I was outside my momma's door
when four brothers walked across the yard.
Showing hand signs and saying ESP Gang.
Asking me where I'M from
And what do I want to do.
Kept calling me blood
And over the next 15 to 20 minutes, I tasted blood too.
They robbed me and knocked out my front two.
Which made me feel victimized, ashamed...
anything, but POWERFUL.

Embarrassed, I stayed in the house.
Didn't want to go out. I knew they lived close by.
Till one day, momma, with a switch in her hand,
Said get out this house, be a man and fight, and you better not cry.
I mustered up all the strength I could get.
It wasn't even one on one, but I took them on and won.
Again, I felt POWERFUL, but this time I had respect.

They didn't mess with me anymore.
I still thought that I had game.
And after all that...I knew the girls would let me score.

Then I met BabyDoll.

Instantly fell in love, a love struck dummy.
Anything she wanted I would buy.
It wasn't long before I was just giving her my money.
And when she wouldn't see me, I'd cry...my emotions had me blue.
Which made me feel used, taken for granted...anything but POWERFUL.
She had stopped answering my calls and I didn't know why.
On the way to her house, I saw her with another guy.
That first heart break had me depressed for a long time.

But through all that....
Going from a boy playing games
To being a man taking care of thangs.
I learned that when you have a good woman,
You treat her right, make her your wife.
Don't let no one disrespect your family,
honor, or threaten to take your life.
And always do what's right by you and by others.
Trust me...
That's a POWERFUL lesson to learn.
Learn it now.


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