Monday, February 9, 2009

Look Deep Into These Eyes

Look deep into these eyes,
Let me tell you what I see.
This is my daughter, my child
who usually emits a glow, but sometimes
you can get a glimpse of the pain she feels internally.
This picture was taken three years ago on her birthday.
I called her, we talked, but neither one of us had much to say.
I took it as her having an attitude
And she probably took it as me having the same.
I just got this picture today
Looking into her eyes,
Changed everything.
You see, she was my best friend who I took everywhere.
She was Daddy's little girl.
Then years and a divorce later
She was lead to believe that Daddy didn't care.
I had moved away
And all she knew was Daddy wasn't there.
So, when I look at this picture, and stare deep into those eyes...
I see a little girl who is becoming a woman
that wishes her Daddy was in her life.
~Flowriter(Sorry, I can't even finish)

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