Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Horizon

Standing on a beach.
The waves caressing against the sand
My feet sinking into it,
staring out into the horizon.

Actually realizing how small, but yet, important that I am.
You see, GOD created me, and when HE did so He had a plan....
HE knew all that I would go through,
All that I would see,
Even in the worst of times...
HE showed me beauty in the world and in me.

So, as I walked down the beach...
my feet passing through the sand,
I began to thank GOD for my life.
It was at that moment that I passed a cross,
Laid on the ground.
Just as CHRIST laid down his life.
GOD is so good.
I praise HIM with all that I am...and to become.
For who HE is, what HE did, and that that has yet to be done.


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