Monday, March 30, 2009

I Have to Tread Lightly

From the wrongs that I've done.
To the pains that I've caused.
Heartaches initiated as fun.
To the breaking of numerous laws.

I have to tread lightly.

At one time,
There wasn't a liquor that I wouldn't drink.
Wasn't a drug that I wouldn't do.
There wasn't a depth of level that I wouldn't sink.
And wasn't a woman alive that I wouldn't screw.

I started out on the right path,
But fell in love with the wrong avenue.

This much I learned about myself...
I'm easily influenced.
So, I have to becareful of what I watch, read, and listen to.

I have to tread lightly.

I know it's a battle and the battle isn't mine.
It's spiritual warfare between the advesary and the LORD.
But you see, I'm the FRONTLINE!
And a wrong move could end with my soul scourged.

So, yes. I censor how I spend my time.

I have to tread lightly.

It's not that I think that I'm better than anyone or anything like that.
I just know that GOD has a plan for me
And because of that, I'm always under attack.
The advesary wishes me dead, beat, lost, and confused.
And to get his way, he has a plethora of methods that he can use.

So, don't take it personal.
This is just the way that I learned to be...
To become the man that the LORD wants me to be.

I have to tread lightly.


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ClaraUniqueSpirit said...

I really enjoyed this piece and just wanted u to know that you are not alone and a lot of us are addictive persons and need to "tread lightly" otherwise the balances will be affected. You are a very strong character and you possess a strength in your soul that is indeed inspiring. Keep up with your poetry u truly are blessed in your writing!!!