Sunday, April 5, 2009

In HIM, you are.

Feeling out of the loop?
Have to wear too many hats?
Want a chance to recoup?
But lost your identity somewhere way back?

Thinking that you're only a flashlight in a realm of stars.
Don't think that you're worthy, appreciated, or needed.

I'm here to tell you,

In HIM, you are.

So, now you are Mr. or Mrs.
A brother, sister, aunt, uncle, mom, or dad
Reminiscing on the freedom of your youth
Or the perception of the belief of the freedom that you once had.

Now you have more responsiblities,
many eyes look unto you.
Back then, you were only a student
Now you are a teacher.
Leading, teaching, showing others...
a proper direction to move.

You've been elevated...
And are not just limited to the depths of the skies.
The LORD has entrusted you in the development of young minds.
Not to mention, HE knows your heart, therefore HE allows you to touch lives.

You're not bound by rope.
You're not tied by a chain.
You're not encircled by a ring.
You're not defined by a name.

You are, because HE needed you to be.
You've made and make a difference in the world.
You are the definition of free...

In HIM, you are.


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