Monday, April 13, 2009

Just one more chance, please.

Precious prayers
said upstairs
on my knees
Change me.
Make me.
Mold me.
Hold me.

Take me back to that
Which YOU wanted me to be
Back to that
Which YOU created me to be
Before, I made all the mistakes
And took YOU out and inserted more of me.
Becoming more than lost.
Personally, I know that I'm not deserving...
That's why these prayers are so precious.

See, from what I've read...
Christ paved the way... for my life, for my soul...
His blood was shed
And it's that blood that covers my sins
Those that I did, do, and have yet to be done
And the reason that I continually bow my head
Praying for HIS guidance, strength, and wisdom.

I'm more than a lost lamb.
I'm a lamb in a world amongst wolves
It's hard to dream, concentrate, and stand
When I can feel them biting at my hooves

Also there are those that don't seek any meat.
Their purpose is to mentally destroy
The humble, lowly, meek, and sweet.
Devouring them from the inside out.
Taking all that they ever dreamed of or hoped of becoming...
By words spoken from their own mouth.
Doomed to live a life of doubt.
They become people that don't even try. Believers of a lie.

You see, that's why...
these prayers are so precious.
These... are my chance.
My gleam of hope.
My call to my saviour.
LORD, save me, guide me, pull my rope.
Keep me close.
I don't want to succumb to the world
Watch my dreams, hopes become intangible and fade away like a ghost.

So, this I pray...
Touch me.
Transform me.
Enable me,
Mold me,
And conform me to your will.

Make me over again.


Chaile said...

Very beautiful.

Perfectly Twisted said...

OMG! Your prayers must be being answered because your gifted in talent, brilliant in flow, words, expressive, creating images, powerful messages, expressions of real humanity in it's most beautiful form. Again! Bravo and applause my friend!