Monday, April 6, 2009

Cover Me

I am only that of clay.
Clay, a refined mud…
With a determination to change.
Hopefully not in vain, can’t do it on my own.
So, I wallow in Jesus Christ’s blood.
& I move forward in HIS name.

Oh cover me.

Passion misguided
Misguided hope… about lost
Lost in dreams
Dreams deferred
Deferred at my cost
Cost my life

Please pray with me that I don’t make the same mistake twice.

Cover me.

Day and night…
Strengthen me,
Enhance my sight,
Enable me,
Guide me,
On a path that’s right.

Help me maintain in this thing called life.

Cover me.

Let it be my name that rolls off your lips.
Pray for my good in all circumstance.
Keep me in good health, body and mind.
Draw me close to the LORD…
So that I may find peace in HIS time.

Cover me.

And I’ll cover you.
You and I
Two of like mind
Gather in HIS name
HE will be present
The result, Change.


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Anonymous said...

I like this, its speaks to me.