Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Still Have Hope, However...

Distant far glance
Not with my eyes
Done with my mind
Staring back into my past

Which haunts me like a ghost

Memories of old ways
Old days, the good and bad thangs
Tempting me from my current path
Ghostly whispers telling me stray

Current situations definitely not helping thangs.

I can feel that demon on my shoulder
Pushing the angel over
Figuring a new way
Castrating the spiritual path
Alleviating the current pain of the day

Masking an illusion
Creating a easy way out
Destined for the penitentiary
Confusion, no doubt.


Please, Really Another Year?
Spent enough time, shed enough tears.
Gettin' off my knees, standing to my feet.

Hear that demon talk
Bad part is, I listen to him when he speaks
Reverting back to the madness of my youth
The streets

Momma, baby, and daddy gotta eat

Rent gotta get paid
Believe me, I prayed
Yet, it is still getting so hard
Feeling lost and forgotten

But, still begging GOD

I need one more chance
Not just in my mind
Not for my eyes
Distant far glance
Life worth living before my demise

I lived for war
But, I'll rest in peace.


1 comment:

Perfectly Twisted said...

WOW! This is a stunning and heartfelt write your words flowing as elegantly and with as much strength as your name suggests. Flow Great Writer! Bravo!