Thursday, March 19, 2009

One on one

One on one

Always in this crowded room.
But when I look into your eyes,
See your smile, experience your glow...

It's as if we are alone.

One on one.

My mind tends to create fantasies.
Imaging, percieving...believing...
that we were before we are
and of what we could be, if we ever was...again.

My mind begins to spin

Picturing us...

One on one.

You see,
We go good together.
Like paper to pen.
Like the word soul to mate.
Hand in hand
Like destiny and fate.

Me, the root.
You, the tree.
Our creation, the fruit.
Our love, poetry.

It's limitless...

the things we could get done...together.

One on one.

Regardless of being read by everyone
It's like our own little inside joke,
That only we know.
I heard you when you spoke.
Now, I'm talking to you.
One day, we'll be like we were in that other lifetime.
You, GODs' beautiful lyric
And me, HIS rhyme.
We, are spoken word.
Creating life in every line.
As for now,
I'll just take it a lil bit
at a time...
And continue having fun
that day
That we are...

One on one.


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