Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Heavenly I.T.

Heavenly I.T.

Illicit moments remembered in thought
Actually used to terrorize the mind
Taking me places that I’ve never been
Abiding the adversary having me wasting my time
Going through the same thing over and over again

In the data processor of my soul, I receive the message, “Internal Error”
Spiritual breakdown is about to unfold.
“Caution, uploaded material may be viral”.
Time to back up my system by The Word
And seek the guidance of the LORD.

Yet, I still give the world control.

Desiring its goods.
Wanting its pleasures.
Seeking its love.
Listening to its obscenities,
Watching its vulgarities,
Trading my heavenly treasures…
For what?
That of little value, even on earthy measures.

So, I upload the proverbs of Solomon, anti-viral protection,
And seek Godly direction.
Which eliminates all the malware, spyware, and deletes all the spam.
Leaving me naked, but pouring over me the cleansing blood of the lamb.
Control, Alt, delete…
I start over with a new sheet.
But this time, before I start my program…
It’ll be in Jesus’ name that I speak.



Antor said...

Absolutely beautiful and well crafted in the language of our times yet maintaining the wisdom of ages.

~J~ said...

I write poems amongst other things. So I absolutely love the feel and flow of this poem. I also think your strongest verses are the last and second to last ones. They transition beautifully and the intesnsity builds and is summed nicely at the very last line. Anyway! Love to know that people still write and think and live Jesus!! =D