Thursday, September 3, 2009

Confuse the enemy

(A little wink) +-

Just found out I lost my job.

Thank GOD.

Came home...wife was with Rob,
not to mention, Jill, and the thangs I saw...

GOD is good!

They say my health is failing,
my house is in foreclosure,
the bills are adding up,
not to mention,
my sons' pants are dragging on the floor.
My daughters' been out all night.
And to top it all off the car ain't acting right.

Thank You, Jesus.

Standing at the bus stop,
Standing... did you hear what I said?
Waiting on the bus to come
It began to rain all over my head.
Still don't complain,
Standing in the mist of it all
And still praising HIS name.
You see, eventually the bus will come
Things will change.
And regardless of good or bad times.
The love of GOD remains the same.

GOD is good.
Thank You, Jesus!



~J~ said...

i enjoy your enthusiasm.

mamawith4_07 said...

WOW very inspiring!!!! GOD IS GREAT!!!!