Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moving from F.O.G to C.O.G

See the vision.
Hear the heart.
Journey the path.

Once again, it's time to start.

Tear drops and petals of love.
Seem like the murmurs of old.
Peacefully free,
Spreading my wings... like a dove.
Soaring through the air,
Expressing my love... with my pens' blood.
Soulfully done in the dark,
Awaiting a new horizion.

Once again, it's time to start.

Releasing my vision.
Correcting my mind.
Submitting unto HIS will.
Remaining humble
Give HIM HIS praise and glory...

I once was in the F.O.G
Just a Friend of GOD.
But HE transformed me,
called me HIS child
Made me a C.O.G in the machine of life
cleared my eyes
And through my talent,
I try to lead the lost to Christ.

At times, it's truly hard.
That's when it's time to start,
moving righteously with heart...
as a true...Child of GOD


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