Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Have you seen my heart?

Have you seen my heart?

It’s no where to be found
I’ve looked high, I’ve looked inside
I’ve searched the ground.
It’s no where around.

I keep telling myself,
“one day it’ll show up”,
“it’ll come back”,
“it’s not too late”.
I’m starting to realize…
It’s too late for all of that.

The blood that is in my veins
that once caused my heart to thump.
Now, flows into an abyss,
A bottomless pit
That the deepest cut could never fill up.

I try to tell myself to care,
Because maybe they do.
I attempt to believe that they need me.
But even a blind man can see
With all the years apart,
The void grew.

Plus, there’s the reliable,
The dependable,
The confidant
The new used to be you.

Have you seen my heart?

I even tried to replace it with new, artificial means.
It’s a good strong heart,
Has good intentions,
But it doesn’t stop the hope
And never-ending the dreams.

The loss I have.
The memories I console
The decisions and trades I made.
Have me less than whole.

Have you seen my heart?



tiaralewis said...

your poetry is intriguing, well done.

JuJu said...

Metaphoric in the most beautiful ways.