Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I've had a BREAKTHROUGH!!!!

It has come upon my spirit that I must lose myself in order to find myself. I must lose myself in my wife to truly enjoy, know, and have my wife. I must do what may feel uncomfortable to be truly blessed, because that is where GOD is comfortable. I must let go of wanting to be in control and know GOD is in control and to follow HIS lead. I must humble myself, so that HE can lift me up. I must trust GOD in every aspect of my life.
These may be things that seem obvious to many. But, I have pride that stands in my way. I have selfishness and self centeredness inside of me that stands in my way. But, today...I've got a breakthrough! I release it all in the name of Jesus! I submit to the will and desires of GOD! I know that GOD loves me and has my best interest at heart. You see, for me...it's time to get serious, and I'm serious about my love of the LORD. So, LORD have your way with me. I now know who I am... I'm a child of GOD!

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