Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dear GOD,

Forgive me LORD for all of the sins that I commit,
All the messages from you that I've ignored,
And all the paths that I've bent.
Straying from your love and wisdom,
Praying for prosperity...
only to be foolishly spent.

LORD, I repent.

Forgive me for not forgiving others.
Forgive me for diluting your temple...
by spreading my essence to many lovers.
Forgive me for the words of my mouth...
Not spreading your love and your word, but...
for spreading lies, mishaps, chaos, and doubts.
Forgive me for not being closer to you and always thinking about me.
Forgive me for rebelling against you and not being the man you made me to be.
Forgive me for not respecting your temple...Tattoo's, cigars, and liquor.
It's no wonder I'm not free.
Forgive me for judging others.
When I know it's YOUR job to judge them and me.

LORD, I repent.

I pray for YOUR strength, wisdom, and guidance to help me along my way.
I know that you have never left my side.
Therefore, I pray that you keep me and don't let me stray.
I pray that you guide me in finding, attending a good church home.
I pray for all of those in the mist of the storm, seeking shelter, and help...
May they find and abide in you in the mist and in the calm.
And LORD, concerning all the soldiers at war,
May YOU protect them from any hurt, danger, and harm.
I pray for our leaders, teachers, and government officials.
I pray for our police, firemen, doctors, prisioners, and all lost individuals.
I pray that we all find YOU.
And that's all I have to say.

In YOUR SON's holy and righteous name, JESUS...
I believe in and pray,

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SistaSistaSister said...

Dear GOD,
I too, do repent.
Truly this writing was heaven sent. For I too must analyze me.
Thank You for his ink did bleed, write into the soul of me, as Able bleed to thee.