Monday, September 15, 2008

Fellow Christians

Words of wisdom need not to sound odd.
In our lives, first and foremost, we place GOD.
We need not to worry about the days to come
Or whats going to happen next.
For He is our Heavenly Father,
We are his children, a spiritually ordained family,
Bound to be heavenly blessed.
Many are told this,
But the chosen are few.
All can be saved, but those that refuse
Instead of an everlasting spiritual joy,
Their mentality is to focus on physical.
Its this earthly realm that they choose.
This is not the connection that us Christians should make.
We are to seek a true relationship,
Filled with real affection,
And the kind of intimacy that only our Creator could create,
One that'll never perish, a holy sacrament, like that of marriage.
For all of our needs, we know shall be met.
Therefore, we walk in peace
And bask in the love of our Heavenly Father,
That should be the derivative of our happiness.
We should emit an emotional, physical, mental
Glow of happiness that the lost desire to get.
For we are children of the Living GOD
So, brothers & Sisters act accordingly & dont forget...
Whose we are.


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