Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Make Me Yours

May your hands be great in size & deep as a cup. So, that I may pour into them my burdens, sorrows, & sadness… Until I fill them up. Take away my troubles and transform me like water into wine. Abolish my loneliness, be a constant companion by my side. Be my light throughout life and my guide for all time. Place structure into my being & peace into my mind. At my time of emptiness, let Your embrace take hold. At my time of weakness, let Your strength empower my soul. When I begin to wander, take me back to my path. Assist me to your goal. I guess what I’m saying is… Lord, don’t leave me alone. Don’t leave me alone. Guide me down this road, lead me to Your throne. Make room for me in Your palace. So, that I may call it home. For, alone I roam through this journey called life. Expectations, there are many… Yet, sinful deeds seem to be all that’s in my plight. Open my third eye and righteously correct my sight. Take away my will and replace it with the mind of Christ. Install ambition into my spirit as You take control of my life. Take away my breath and let enter Yours. Guide my spirit to the keys of locked doors. In my time of temptation, may You inspire me to keep my essence pure. I guess what I’m saying is… Lord, make me Yours. Make me Yours. Amen.

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